Tiffany James has always been ahead of her time and she has continued to be a success within the world of business and beyond for over three decades, inspiring, empowering and challenging women to reach their full potential.

Tiffany James began her award-winning company UndercoverWear in 1977 with an effort to change the way the lingerie industry operated. She disrupted, challenged and forever changed the way women think, purchase and sell lingerie.

Her company was the first to show women lingerie in the comfort of their own home, offering them a safe place to embrace their sensuality and sexuality, something that had never been done before.

Tiffany and her husband Walter took UndercoverWear from a small, family business to a $100m worldwide sensation. Not only has Tiffany appeared on shows ranging from Oprah Winfrey to the Phil Donahue Show,
she has empowered a generation of women to feel more confident – the true mission of both Tiffany and her company. Today,Tiffany continues to take the skills she learned in business to help women in all aspects of their lives.

Most recently Tiffany has ramped up and relaunched her blog,Tiffany’s Life-tini. In an excerpt from why she is “relaunching” she writes,“Several years ago, I decided that with all my experience I would start writing a blog. Based on my on-going quest to help women change their life by supporting and counseling them, my journey has been extraordinary. Often women have shared how my words of wisdom have gotten them through difficult times”

Tiffany’s life and business experience touch a wide range of topics – from entrepreneurship to women’s issues to romance and more. Her personality, wisdom and care for those around her have helped and influenced hundreds of thousands of women around the U.S. and around the world.

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