Turning 70 Sucks!

My very dear friend Ralph turned 70 today.  I called to wish him a Happy Birthday.   He responded, “Thank you Tiffany, but I have to tell you this is unbelievable. He continued, “Of course, I know it’s better than the alternative, but this is surreal.”   I answered, “Yes it sucks –No it really sucks!” We … More Turning 70 Sucks!

My Mask, My Friend.

I really do try not to be judgmental.  Frankly, it doesn’t always work.  Further, I always try to keep my opinions to myself.  That rarely works. Today’s adventure was no different. I went for a very long overdue manicure and pedicure.  With all the new restrictions, it is no longer fun and relaxing.  It’s more … More My Mask, My Friend.

Anger and Bitterness

I thought I could get over this, but I can’t.  I keep thinking it’s been weeks –no, months since this all this started. I try to stay positive and sometimes it works.  Then the reality hits & I’m miserable. No, I haven’t been personally affected by it all, but it will alter my life for … More Anger and Bitterness

Feeling FAT!

I can be rather neurotic about my journals, my goals, my “To Do” list, my accomplishments and my weight. For reasons that are certainly unexplained, I have been quite remise about keeping up with my daily journal entries.  Normally, my weight journal not only includes my daily weight, but also my steps, my stand time, … More Feeling FAT!


In 1732, Thomas Fuller wrote, “March, comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”   Anyone from “cold weather regions” knows exactly what that means. We know about those horrible March snowstorms followed by 60-degree weather a week later. March is a long month –31 days and has a couple of notable events. First, … More March


Last night, I had a terrible night’s sleep.  I was dreaming so vividly.  Unfortunately, many of the people in my dream were loved ones who had died. When I woke, I said to myself,  “We are all going to die.”  I wasn’t saying it in a morose manner –actually just more in a matter of … More Nina