HOT FLASH… You Know You’ve Hit 50 WHEN…

Hot Flash 1 You know you’ve hit 50 when: Wait servers start calling you Ma’am.  I’m sure you can appreciate it when a Military person addresses you as “Ma’am –it is a sign of respect. But when a HOT gorgeous 20-something-year-old male wait server does so, it’s downright painful! It’s even worse when a cute, … More HOT FLASH… You Know You’ve Hit 50 WHEN…

Oh, The Places We Go!

I literally did thousands of UndercoverWear Parties.  Each party had its own unique personality. Some of my most memorable parties were after the Boston Herald’s two-page full-color article on my “naughty nighty” parties. Once the article appeared, the phone rang constantly. It seemed everyone wanted to have one of my parties. I booked shows every … More Oh, The Places We Go!

Lucy is a Witch

Jamie and I work together quite effectively.  We certainly don’t always agree, but in some ways that is advantageous for our clients. We come from different points of view, debate our thought process and develop the best strategy for our clients. The only area where we differ significantly is the way we write. It doesn’t … More Lucy is a Witch

Happy Holidays

It’s the holiday season! It’s the merriest and brightest time of the year!  That time when even people who are generally disgruntled jerks are supposed to find some short term peace and inner harmony that makes them wanna buy a huge turkey dinner for their impoverished employees whom they spent the rest of the year … More Happy Holidays

Peloton Bike- What Is All the Fuss About?!

Have you heard about the Peloton Bike commercial controversy?  It seems there is a flurry of online criticism about a husband buying an exercise bike for his wife. The interpretation is that he is reinforcing the importance of body image and creating a negative viewpoint of marriage.  Imagine that—a  husband had the audacity of buying … More Peloton Bike- What Is All the Fuss About?!