My Mask, My Friend.

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I really do try not to be judgmental.  Frankly, it doesn’t always work.  Further, I always try to keep my opinions to myself.  That rarely works. Today’s adventure was no different.

I went for a very long overdue manicure and pedicure.  With all the new restrictions, it is no longer fun and relaxing.  It’s more of a necessity.

The owner’s 18-year-old daughter was working the desk and taking temperatures etc. From a previous conversation, I learned she had just graduated from Punahou (same as Barack) a very prestigious school.  Further, she was going off to college in California.

I’m sure she is a lovely gal, but what she was wearing was so, so very BAD!  Now, we have all made a fashion faux pas.  We just buy the wrong item that doesn’t flatter our bodies at all.

And speaking from experience, I have also endured trying to put on something that had looked amazing on me when I was 10 pounds thinner. When I look in the mirror, I usually get very depressed and say out loud, “Take it off & lose weight.”

Well, this young gal had on a rather low-cut crop top. I will bet that she has put on a few pounds because –the top just didn’t fit. And her bare midriff was not attractive! More importantly her mini skirt didn’t sit on her waist -it was too tight—so it kept rising up as if it was supposed to be high-waisted.  But clearly that was not the design.

Now you are about to say, “So what’s the big deal?”  Frankly it’s her rump that is the big deal. As her skirt kept rising, you could literally see the checks of her bum! And then, to make matters worse, she would bend over and one could view both her derriere and her choochila. (If you know what I mean.)

I bet you’re wondering if I said something to her.  What do you think? Well, surprise -I did not. It was so very difficult to keep my mouth shut. I was so ready to counsel her on the Do’s and Don’ts of dressing properly.  The words were on my tongue. From my tongue they traveled to my lips. As I was about to take her aside and help her, my mask got in the way. It stopped me dead in my tracks!

For the first time since this DAMN Covid, my mask was definitely my hero! I kept my mouth shut.  So maybe our masks should always remind us to “Think before we speak.”

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