Anger and Bitterness

I thought I could get over this, but I can’t.  I keep thinking it’s been weeks –no, months since this all this started. I try to stay positive and sometimes it works.  Then the reality hits & I’m miserable.

No, I haven’t been personally affected by it all, but it will alter my life for a long period of time…possibly forever.

It’s the mystery of the whole thing that truly boggles my mind. How did this happen? Everyone seems to have their own theory on when it started and how it played out.

 I want someone to take responsibility.  Maybe I should blame Trump. Surely,  he must have had something to do with it.  But I can’t.  Perhaps like, “Who killed JFK” or “Who Killed Jon Benet”, this may be another mystery that will never really be solved.

There will be theories. There will be finger pointing.  There will even be suggestions that it all happened for a reason –we will all be better off.

I don’t buy it.  As the days pass by, I seem to be angrier and even bitter.  All I want to know is “Why?”  I need someone to blame for all of this.  Please just tell me the TRUTH!

Why did Tom Brady leave the Patriots!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Anger and Bitterness

  1. Oh Tiffany! You have given me the best laugh in a long time! I feared my sense of humor had deserted me. Thank you for your awesome perspective!🤣👏

  2. Why???? I’m going to have to root for Tampa Bay now!! I’m not sure I even like their colors!!

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