Turning 70 Sucks!

My very dear friend Ralph turned 70 today.  I called to wish him a Happy Birthday.   He responded, “Thank you Tiffany, but I have to tell you this is unbelievable. He continued, “Of course, I know it’s better than the alternative, but this is surreal.”   I answered, “Yes it sucks –No it really sucks!” We … More Turning 70 Sucks!

My Mask, My Friend.

I really do try not to be judgmental.  Frankly, it doesn’t always work.  Further, I always try to keep my opinions to myself.  That rarely works. Today’s adventure was no different. I went for a very long overdue manicure and pedicure.  With all the new restrictions, it is no longer fun and relaxing.  It’s more … More My Mask, My Friend.

Anger and Bitterness

I thought I could get over this, but I can’t.  I keep thinking it’s been weeks –no, months since this all this started. I try to stay positive and sometimes it works.  Then the reality hits & I’m miserable. No, I haven’t been personally affected by it all, but it will alter my life for … More Anger and Bitterness

Feeling FAT!

I can be rather neurotic about my journals, my goals, my “To Do” list, my accomplishments and my weight. For reasons that are certainly unexplained, I have been quite remise about keeping up with my daily journal entries.  Normally, my weight journal not only includes my daily weight, but also my steps, my stand time, … More Feeling FAT!


In 1732, Thomas Fuller wrote, “March, comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”   Anyone from “cold weather regions” knows exactly what that means. We know about those horrible March snowstorms followed by 60-degree weather a week later. March is a long month –31 days and has a couple of notable events. First, … More March


Last night, I had a terrible night’s sleep.  I was dreaming so vividly.  Unfortunately, many of the people in my dream were loved ones who had died. When I woke, I said to myself,  “We are all going to die.”  I wasn’t saying it in a morose manner –actually just more in a matter of … More Nina

Princess Diana’s Death: A Conspiracy Theory

Seeing I began my conspiracy theory about Harry and Meghan, I’ll continue with the mystery behind Princess Diana’s “accident.” Many of you know the details of the crash. Shortly after midnight, Diana and Dodi Fayed left the Ritz in Paris (which his father Mohammed Al- Fayad owned) by a back entrance, heading for an apartment … More Princess Diana’s Death: A Conspiracy Theory

Valentine’s Day

As you know, I am a research “junkie,” so I decided to find out how Valentine’s Day got started. Are you ready? While there have been various theories, the most popular dates back to Bishop Valentine, a priest living in Rome during the reign of Claudius the Cruel. Claudius didn’t want men to marry during … More Valentine’s Day