Lucy is a Witch

Jamie and I work together quite effectively.  We certainly don’t always agree, but in some ways that is advantageous for our clients. We come from different points of view, debate our thought process and develop the best strategy for our clients.

The only area where we differ significantly is the way we write. It doesn’t matter whether it is a motivational speech, a training or a blog, we are worlds apart.  Having said that, while our styles may differ, we both appreciate the content we develop.

So, “knock my socks off” when Jamie told me he HATED my recent, “Friends Through Thick or Thin” blog.  There was no grey area.  He hated it.  I was shocked and of course had to ask why he disliked it so much.

Boy, he went on a tirade. He knew Lucy.  His exact quote was, “Lucy was a witch.”  “She was condescending to everyone.”  “Even when she was not drinking, she was still a witch.”  (Only he didn’t say witch.)  He reminded me of many instances where Lucy’s narcissistic personality was in full view.  One in particular was at Jamie and Cheryl’s wedding.  I forgot about that!

Further, Lucy created many situations which pitted friend against friend.  As I started thinking back, I realized that frankly, she had a very mean streak to her.  One time a group of us were out to dinner and because she was not getting the attention she wanted, she left the table to go to the ladies’ room and never came back –leaving her husband stranded.

Another time after hosting a dinner party for her and her husband’s anniversary, she accused me of stealing her photos because I was jealous of her.  Boy, I had forgotten that as well.

Jamie continued and reminded me that the phone works both ways.  She could have called me and didn’t.  Hmmmm… another thing I didn’t really think about.

So, I had to ponder why I took the responsibility of being a “bad friend.” That’s what I do.  In every uncomfortable situation, I “Look At Myself First” (UndercoverWear Agents you’ll remember that) and see what I could have done differently.  Some of you might think, “wow that’s  really great.”  But in reality, it is my way of being in control of me and guiding my life as best as I can.    

Jamie is right.  Lucy was a witch and still might be a witch.  But I’m going to give her one more chance to appreciate our friendship.   Now I REALLY want to know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Lucy is a Witch

  1. It’s the right thing to do even if she never appreciates you God knows your heart and you will be blessed because you are a blessing!

  2. Tiffany – You are a zillion per cent above her – you have too much class to care about giving someone like that another chance. You have people who absolutely believe and adore you (me being one of those people) and look up to you for your generosity and knowledge. Your time is far more precious to be involved in her jealousy and ignorance. Sometimes (not always) our children have more insight to situations more than we do. I am with Jamee on this one – the hell with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you tons

  3. Tiffany, when someone shows you who they are, believe it and treat them accordingly. She sounds like a person who is not a friend nor knows how to be a friend to anyone. As the “old folks say”, treat her with a VERY long handled spoon!! She is not worth the effort.

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