Happy Holidays

It’s the holiday season! It’s the merriest and brightest time of the year!  That time when even people who are generally disgruntled jerks are supposed to find some short term peace and inner harmony that makes them wanna buy a huge turkey dinner for their impoverished employees whom they spent the rest of the year … More Happy Holidays

Mom’s Greek Stuffing: Health vs. Tradition

My mother always made the most delicious Greek stuffing on Thanksgiving. It consisted of ground beef, onion, rice, pignoli nuts, walnuts, tomato sauce and lots of spices. Don’t bother looking it up on any online recipe sites because it just doesn’t exist – other than my mother’s handwritten copy, which I have. Since my mother … More Mom’s Greek Stuffing: Health vs. Tradition

Stress-Free Holidays

So you want to have an enjoyable and stress free holiday season. Did you take my advice and make your list? If you haven’t then you will undoubtedly be caught up in a shopping/decorating/cooking frenzy. If you have made your list, then it’s time to steal a page from the holiday’s best multi-tasker. Make a … More Stress-Free Holidays