My Secret Love Affair

I have often thought about ‘why” and “how” Walter and I became financially successful.  Today I am going to share how it all began! It started many years ago when Walter and I were on our honeymoon.  Believe it or not,  having sex was NOT my top priority.  While I was most eager to enjoy … More My Secret Love Affair

Making Money

I’m convinced people really don’t want to make money. Oh I think everyone wants to HAVE money, but there is a vast difference in wanting to have money and wanting to make money. My point is supported by the number of people who buy a Power Ball Lottery Ticket. Do you know what the odds … More Making Money

Live Your Dreams

Through UndercoverWear, I have always encouraged women to “Dream Big” and “Live Your Dreams”. So based on that, I started thinking about how I have achieved the level of success that I wanted. First of all, I have always set my goals. For example, on our honeymoon, when most couples are thinking about SEX, I … More Live Your Dreams

Happy New Year!

As many of you know, I am a “goal junkie”.  I have been setting my goals twice a year for the last oh 50 years!  I don’t have a goal sheet –I create a goal book.  And it is that time of the year. Today is Sunday December 29th.  Jamie, Niccie and Cheryl are off … More Happy New Year!