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I’m convinced people really don’t want to make money. Oh I think everyone wants to HAVE money, but there is a vast difference in wanting to have money and wanting to make money.

My point is supported by the number of people who buy a Power Ball Lottery Ticket. Do you know what the odds are of actually winning the Grand Prize? It is 1 in 175,223,510! And yet people flock to buy that one winning ticket!

That would suggest that most people want to “be rich”. Unfortunately, many are not willing to do what it takes to create that financial prosperity.

I don’t know all the reasons why people do not reach their financial goals. Maybe it’s lack of motivation. Maybe it’s lack of education. Maybe it’s circumstances beyond their control. What I do know is that it is increasingly difficult to find “every day people” who want to have a better lifestyle. I stand corrected. Again they want a better lifestyle, but they just don’t want to work for it.

Have you ever wondered why Angie’s List is so successful? It’s simple. We are all looking for assistance in finding the right person who will do a “good job”.   Isn’t that rather sad?   Shouldn’t everyone want to be good at what they do?

This past week, I called 2 entertainment companies, 3 construction companies, 2 roofing companies, a golf school and 3 consignment stores. Out of all those calls, I received 3 calls back.   Now I ask you–doesn’t anyone want to take my money?

There are people who do want to have a better life.   For example: Meet Jenn –a single mother of three. She works THREE jobs. She has a demanding full time position, works in an all female valet service on weekends and is a booking and talent agent for one of her daughters. Why? Because she has 3 teenage daughters one of whom just graduated from college, one of whom is a successful “rapper” and one of whom is in high school with high aspirations. Jenn is an amazing role model for all single mothers!

Then meet Gina –Gina walked away from a very successful corporate position to start her own Events Company. She is foregoing a guaranteed salary to take a chance on achieving her dreams. She clearly understands that the greater the risk, the greater the reward.   And most importantly, she believes that with long hours, hard work and dedication, she will succeed.

And finally meet Emily –Emily is going to school full time for her Masters Degree and works two other jobs.   Emily knows that her education will allow her to excel in her career.

While their lives are very different, all three of these women are willing to do what it takes to be successful and enjoy financial prosperity.

My mother told me many years ago that my beautiful girlfriend Marilyn would marry well because of her good looks. Conversely my Mother told me that my looks weren’t going to get me a “rich handsome husband” so I better rely on my brain.

While I’m not sure what my Mother shared with my sisters, suffice it to say we all have a very solid work ethic. My sister Chris owns the largest bridal salon in New England and works 6 days a week.   My sister Charlene is a Dean of Nursing and a Nurse Practitioner–and she too works 6 days a week. And then there’s me. Well I’m just a driven achievement-oriented lunatic. BTW–it’s not my fault; I’m the oldest.

So my “words of wisdom” for today are very simple. Let’s start creating an environment for our young people where they want to achieve. Let’s start vocalizing that financial success is something to be applauded not demonized. And let’s start shouting out loud that work is NOT a dirty four-letter word.

Together we can create an amazing achievement oriented culture.


P.S.   For the record, if there is someone out there who wants my time and/or talent and you want to pay me –I’ll be sure to call you back. (Well as long as it’s legal and moral)

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