Don’t Let Monogamous Become Monotonous: Marriage 101

I really want you to think about those glorious days when you first started dating your special someone. Can you remember those passionate kisses, the strong emotional feelings, the erotic touching? You knew exactly what he wanted and you wanted it too. Simply stated, sex was fabulous. Thank goodness for those memories. How times have … More Don’t Let Monogamous Become Monotonous: Marriage 101


I have often been asked, “Can wearing a corset really change a woman?” The answer is “yes.” Think about this… From Scarlett O’Hara to Madonna, the hourglass figure is every woman’s dream. The corset can instantly create the illusion of the perfect body. When a woman puts on a corset she becomes the dazzling damsel … More Corsets

The Good Wife

As you all know by now, I think way too much.  So I was pondering my relationship with WJJ.  I thought, “Am I a good wife?”  From there, I had to define, “What is a good wife?” When we look at our marriage vows, I hope we all certainly believe in those fundamentals.  You know, … More The Good Wife