Are meatballs grounds for divorce? Last night my husband WJJ made the most amazing meatballs EVER–yes, Mia Pisacano-Pompi & Mirella Monascalco. The best meatballs EVER! (Better than my Nanna’s)

To prepare them, I know he used our Country Gourmet Home– Mama’s Italian Blend Seasoning Mix and Mama’a Meatloaf Mix both of which will soon be part of our Wine Decadence Gourmet Food products. But he won’t tell me what other ingredients he used nor will he tell me exactly how he made them.

We had pasta and meatballs and thanks to Shirin Brenick’s suggestion, we enjoyed our Altvs wine with this yummy Italian meal. Our dinner was fabulous –the meatballs were “to die for”. HOWEVER, WJJ refuses to give me his meatball recipe. I’m serious. He said “If I tell you –I’ll have to kill you”. After all, he is Agent 007

Walter is an “only child Leo” and he doesn’t really like to share. Actually nor do I. But come on …it’s only a recipe. And I NEED that recipe so I can share it with my friends, family and our Wine Decadence Consultants.

I am now developing my strategy. I’ll check the kitchen to see if he wrote the recipe for future reference. I’ll remind him it’s the Holiday Season.. the Season of love and SHARING. And finally, if all else fails….. remember I was in the lingerie business –so I just may have to resort to….”The Power of the Bedroom”.

I’ll keep you posted.

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