Feeling FAT!

I can be rather neurotic about my journals, my goals, my “To Do” list, my accomplishments and my weight. For reasons that are certainly unexplained, I have been quite remise about keeping up with my daily journal entries.  Normally, my weight journal not only includes my daily weight, but also my steps, my stand time, my exercise time and the number of flights I achieved each day.  All of these are compliments of my “Smart Watch.”

A couple of days ago, I decided to update everything. Boy, I was so surprised to see that I had not made a single entry since Saturday March 14th –which is precisely the beginning of our quarantine. I can’t figure out why I’ve been so busy doing nothing that I couldn’t find time to continue my routine.  

As I looked at my non-entry weight chart, I was really hesitant to chart my latest #’s.  I know I have gained at least 5 pounds thanks to all the delicious dinners Walter has been preparing.

What are some of my favorites? 

  • Venison Au Poivre
  • Clam, linguine with garlic, oil and anchovies
  • Bison Steak with Fig Balsamic & Double Baked Potato
  • Rack of Lamb
  • Pappardelle Bolognese
  • Filet Mignon with foie gras

My 5 pounds are well earned! 

Oh,  did I neglect to mention all the extra treats I’ve enjoyed?  Nuts, chips, cookies, candy, and ice cream to name a few.   Further, I can assure you that my only moment of panic in the last 8 weeks was not when I thought we might be running out of toilet paper, but instead, when I saw that we were down to 2 bottles of Grey Goose vodka.  I remedied that situation very quickly.

So, with a heavy heart, I decided to document my current weight and all the other details of my lack of exercise routine for May.  Grant you, it’s only three days, but maybe when I saw the cold hard facts, I would start to get back on track.

After I recorded the information, I decided to look back on the beginning of 2020!  OMG, I realized I was just about the same weight that I had been in January.  All this good eating and lack of exercise had served me well.  I didn’t gain 5 pounds!  I’ve been FAT all year!  Wahoo!

I feel so good! It’s quite amazing how one’s perspective can change everything.  My only question is, “I wonder what Walter is preparing for dinner?”

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