Hair “Due”

As evident on this site, I change my hair as often as other women change their nail polish. I have had black, brown, red, and currently blonde hair.  Now you’re probably thinking that I have some hidden secret for the frequent changes, but my reason is simple. Boredom. I get BORED looking at me.

When you’re itching for an appearance change there are a lot of ideas that run through your mind. A few options I’ve entertained are a facelift, dropping 25lbs (unlikely), and paying a professional to apply my makeup differently every day. Changing hair color is simply the easiest and most convenient.

So I have had blondish-brownish highlighted hair for almost a year.  Most everyone thinks it’s flattering and that it makes me look younger.  The operative word here is “younger.” Stated simply, this is why I have kept my hair in the same color hues for a year.

Three weeks ago, I was itching for a change.  As it turned out, without really trying, Debbie, my stylist, applied low-lights, highlights and enough of a difference to keep me satisfied. But this week, I started getting “itchy” again.

Should I take the chance and go back to brown? How about red? While I loved my red hair, it’s so difficult to keep it looking vibrant here in Hawaii – the sun wreaks havoc on it. …Maybe I should try auburn?

On Halloween a group of my female friends got together for lunch.  We had explicit instructions to wear a mask for this festive rendezvous. As all of you know, for me, it’s all or nothing. So I donned a jet black, long, straight-haired wig, painted on my Cleopatra eyes, and applied some bright red lipstick. My “mask” was a pair of big red sunglasses which completed this ensemble.

When I walked in my friends actually didn’t recognize me.  When they finally realized who I was the overwhelming comments were, “Oh you look fabulous!”, “I love your hair!”, and “You look amazing!”

While I very much appreciated the compliments, I am now completely and utterly perplexed.  Monday is “D-Day” (Debbie day) where I have to make a decision about my hair. Should I go with the dramatic, yet older look?  Or the subtle and younger? I don’t dare ask WJJ – because if I do and I don’t follow his suggestion he will undoubtedly say, “Then why did you ask me?”  So, I’m asking you, what do you think?

What color do you think I should go with next? Brown, black, red, auburn or keep it dirty blonde with highlights?  I’m open to suggestions. Just please don’t say purple or blue – perhaps I’m just a little too conservative for that – then again, maybe not!


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  1. You have covered most colors except a lighter blonde with highlights and lowlights. Maybe try “ditching the dirty blonde” for a “sexy” blonde. xoxo Karen McFadden

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