In 1732, Thomas Fuller wrote, “March, comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.”   Anyone from “cold weather regions” knows exactly what that means. We know about those horrible March snowstorms followed by 60-degree weather a week later.

March is a long month –31 days and has a couple of notable events.

First, Daylight Savings starts next Sunday.  You know “Spring forward.”  Most of you will be losing that hour’s sleep. For me, I now have to adjust to everyone else moving their clocks, but Hawaii & most of Arizona do not.  So, for those of you scheduling meetings with me next week, you can rest assured, I will mess things up.  For EST, I am now 6 hours behind you!

In March, all of my Irish friends will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m sure my dear friends, Marilyn Clarke Orlando and Gail McGoldrick will be enjoying their “Erin go Braugh” holiday which is most often translated as “Ireland Forever.” 

My sister Chris will be feasting on corned beef and cabbage—while enjoying her 39th  birthday again!  And at our home in Hawaii, Jamie will be hosting our second annual St. Patrick’s Day get-together.  Our guests will include the following ancestry:  2 Chinese, 4 Italians,  1 Japanese, 2 Polish and 1 Greek.  Now that’s quite the eclectic group!

Of course,  most us know St. Patrick’s Day as a day when we all want “The Luck of the Irish.” We want to be lucky in love and lucky in life! Despite the fact that some say they don’t believe in “luck”,  the fact that 90 million people play the lottery each year proves most of us hope to “get lucky” and win big.  We forget we are winning big each and every day of our lives.

Between now and March 17th, I have an assignment for you. Each day, for the next 11 days, I want you to acknowledge one thing in your life that truly makes you realize just how lucky you are. 

Whether you think globally or simply about your basic quality of life,   you will soon discover that despite days that might be challenging, your life is filled with many wonderful glorious moments.

So, are you ready? Why are you lucky to be YOU?

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