My Brand New Blog!

Tiffany’s Life-Tini

 Several weeks ago, I asked my friends to “describe me” on my Facebook page.   First let me say, I was overwhelmed with the very kind words that were offered.  I am truly humbled by your positive responses!  Thank you and Mahalo!

The reason I wanted to hear from you was simple.  I am re-instituting my blog.

I always LOVED writing my blog.  But then, I started getting input as to what I should include so that it was more marketable.  Obviously,  I didn’t particularly like that idea so I stopped writing.

When Jamie arrived this summer, he and I chatted and we both decided it was time to go back to my original format.  But while the “title” from the Bedroom to the Boardroom had great meaning when WJJ and I were living in Boston and being part of Corporate America, it just didn’t fit the bill when I work from our home overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Equally important, I really wanted my blog to reflect –ME!   But I wanted it to reflect the “Me” that all of you think I am.   Does that make sense?   And I wanted my blog “title’ to encompass the way I look at life.  So, thank you Jamie Jamitkowski for my new blog title .  Tiffany’s life-tini = laughts, inpiration, friendship and everthing else and always served with a twist!

So again, stay tuned as together we toast each other and continue to enjoy one  life -tini at a time!



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  1. love it!!! Might I suggest a small change though? The font is very small and a bit hard to read…. Might be something to do with an age thing and me! hahaha

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