Peloton Bike- What Is All the Fuss About?!

Have you heard about the Peloton Bike commercial controversy?  It seems there is a flurry of online criticism about a husband buying an exercise bike for his wife. The interpretation is that he is reinforcing the importance of body image and creating a negative viewpoint of marriage.  Imagine that—a  husband had the audacity of buying his wife a $2,000 + Peloton.

The commercial was also chastised because the woman was thin before she started working out on her bike.  I’m not sure why that is offensive.  Maybe the woman liked to work out to feel better.  Maybe she asked her husband for the bike.  I think it would be offensive if the husband was a fit male and the wife was quite obese and he bought her an exercise bike that she didn’t want. That’s bad.

One time the husband of a friend of mine actually said, “Yes when I met Mary, she was gorgeous and thin.”  Tiffany can you take her under your wing and help her?  Mary was standing right there.  I thought I would kill him.  Now that’s offensive.

Maybe it’s time for me to stop writing my blogs.  Maybe my age is finally catching up with me.

Because I just DON’T GET IT!  Is everything going to be controversial?  If Walter buys me jewelry does that mean I no longer sparkle?   If Cheryl gets me yoga lessons, does that mean she thinks I am a big fat old lady? 

If one purchases a white Christmas tree –are they racist?  

My exercise hula hoop has 7 different colors on it. That must mean that every time I use it, I am supporting the rights of gays and lesbians around the world.  BTW, I do.  However, when I’m using my weighted hula hoop for 15 minutes, I am only thinking about getting my small waist back.

Does everything have to be scrutinized for the real meaning?

OMG –I ate two Macadamia Nuts today—maybe that indicates I am sexually frustrated.   Or it could simply mean I am watching my weight and only allowed myself two.

If we are going to have productive discussions, let’s ensure that they are about meaningful topics.   My last word……. I hope Walter buys me a Peloton Bike—does that make me shallow????

3 thoughts on “Peloton Bike- What Is All the Fuss About?!

  1. Agree with everything you said Tiffany! You nailed it on the head.. someone posted on Facebook that she was called transphobic because she asked a pregnant lady if she was going to have a gender reveal party. Seems anything can be twisted to offend someone.

  2. I agree Tiffany….when I saw it I assumed that she had asked him for it and she was happy to get what she wanted. There is so much PC crap going on and I think some just look for things to tick them off….

  3. That is just plain STUPID. People would complain if they were hung with a new rope. There is so much more things to complain about. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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