The Mystery of The Royals

Well, I did my best to NOT comment on Harry & Meghan.   However, I caved in, so here goes.

I believe we all have a sense of responsibility for our family.  It is exemplified by how we worry about our children,  help our aging parents or be there at a time of need for our sisters and brothers.  We do that because we love our family.  And when times get tough, most of us get even tougher.

When I had Lyme disease, Walter didn’t say, “I’m tired of taking Tiffany to the hospital for her IV treatments.”  Years ago, when our store burned to the ground and we had no insurance, Walter and I didn’t say, “Wow this is going to be tough, let’s throw in the towel.”  And when Walter was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I didn’t say, “Oh, I don’t want to play –I think I’ll move back to Boston.”

Not that it matters, I’ve struggled with my opinion on this matter.  Unlike many, I’m not enthralled with the Royal Family.  But their sudden departure from the Royal Family is very mysterious to me.   I have two questions:

  1. Who are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? (Figuratively not literally)
  2. Why?

As an avid over thinker, I tried to understand their need for privacy.  After all, being part of the Royal family is daunting.  This is certainly evidenced by Princess Diana.  We all admired her and greatly sympathized with her depression and eating disorder. 

Let’s contrast Diana and Meghan.  When Diana married Prince Charles, she was a shy 20-year-old virgin.  To make matters worse, Charles was in love & having an affair with Camilla.  You might remember Diana’s famous quote,

“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

If anyone was ill-equipped to endure the pressure of the Royal family, it was Diana.  And yet, she persevered and conquered the world with her style, grace, elegance, her philanthropic work and most importantly the love of her children.

Now Meghan.  When she married Harry, she was a divorced 37-year-old actress.   She is estranged from her father, her brother and her sister.  While doing my “research”, I found that both her brother and sister have rather sordid pasts, but both accuse Meghan of “using” their father until he was no longer useful.   So, let’s recap; She doesn’t speak to her father, nor her brother, nor her sister. 

What might be the common denominator?

Regarding not wanting to be in the spotlight, as an actress, isn’t one accustomed to being “on display?” Doesn’t an actress want attention and recognition?  Now Harry.  What’s the scoop? He was best pals with his brother.  And suddenly he has fractured his relationship with William, Kate, his nieces and nephews, his father and most importantly the Queen –who at 93 years old doesn’t need this nonsense. Like everything in her life, Queen Elizabeth II, handled this with speed and efficiency.

But I haven’t answered my two questions:

Who are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?   While I guess they have right to abdicate from the Royal Family.  My personal opinion is that they are a rather troubled couple who think only of themselves.  I’m particularly disappointed about Duke Harry—to leave his entire family and duties behind.

Why?  Again, maybe they are just spoiled.   Maybe they have no sense of family or responsibility.  Maybe the death of Princess Diana impacted Harry’s life so irreparably that he is incapable of making logical sensible decisions.    Or could there be a hidden reason?   Could  Meghan have purchased a “fun gift” for Harry like a DNA test.  Did Harry get his results and discover that he, in fact, is not Prince Charles’ son?  He is not part of the “Royal Family”.   If so, then the mystery is solved and  this case closed.

As an FYI, this entire blog was written for only one reason.  I wanted to introduce you to: “Tiffany’s Crazy Theories”.  This is just a prologue of many more to come.   Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “The Mystery of The Royals

  1. Hmmm…I think he looks too much like his father to be anything but his blood. As for spoiled, I think the issue is with the paparazzi more than anything else. He has the right to fear them for sure. I guess we will just have to wait and find out more later. Thanks Tiffany, for bringing up a good subject to reflect on. Kelly

  2. I have always thought that Harry looks just like Diana’s res headed lover….forgot his name, but he was around for a while and everyone knew they were having an affair. He had red hair like Harry and they look alike. To me Harry does not look like his ugly father.

  3. Oh, that was great! I certainly didn’t expect the DNA ending and thought it was very clever and possibly true. I feel badly for the whole family for the rift.

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