Think Orgasm

As you all know, I am in the romance business.  So obviously, I am very comfortable talking about sensuality, sexuality and just plain old sex.

I recently read an article entitled, “Think Yourself to Orgasm.” It’s about being able to experience physical pleasure using only your mind. According to this article, the brain will simulate foreplay and ultimately orgasm by “thinking deeply” about stimulating your body parts. Is it me, or does this sound like something that could take a while?  The idea of “thinking yourself off” rubs me the wrong way. …That pun was fully intended.

Aside from being bad for UndercoverWear business, ‘thinking’ to reach climax seems very counter-intuitive. All we do in life is ‘think’. We think about our kids, our jobs, our husbands, our parents, our finances. We think about our clothes, our weight, our hair color. We think about what we’ll make for dinner and when we’ll find the time to go grocery shopping. We think way too much as it is.

When left alone with my thoughts I’ll start running through my to-do list and recall verdicts from the last Judge Judy. …Yep, I was aroused when I started this exercise, and after my inner monologue, I’m officially turned off.

This technique of “thinking deeply” seems similar to the visualizations professional athletes do before playing an important game. The idea is to imagine themselves playing a certain way, feeling a certain way, and when the time comes to perform, they can more easily slip into their rhythm. This type of mental training takes practice and for anyone who wants to perfect mental masturbation, more power to you. I’ll just take my Celebrator and be on my way, thank you.

Celebrator? Yes please!

Can you imagine your lover coming to bed with intentions to ravish you and instead of welcoming his advances you respond with, “Let’s just lay side-by-side and think about having orgasms”? Something tells me that won’t be enough to satisfy his hunger.

For me, and other women with whom I’ve discussed this, climax occurs when we surrender to what we’re experiencing physically – shutting off our minds and giving ourselves over to the pleasure we feel. Good sex is about noticing the touch, absorbing the pressure, and working in unison with your partner or bedside helper to find the rhythm that will make both of you feel good.

To orgasm with no physical contact? Call me old fashioned, but I’m just not feeling it.

That’s my opinion, what say you?

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