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As I’ve been told many times, I think too much. So today, I have decided to share my rather random and unconnected thoughts with you. And believe me, there are plenty more where these came from!

Deal of the Day!
It’s Lent and as practicing Catholics, we observe the “No Meat” on Friday restrictions. So, WJJ and I had an early dinner at Red Lobster — It’s Lobsterfest! Our wait server Keisha was amazing!!! WJJ ordered the Lobster Lover’s Dream. Two lobster tails, one “rock lobster” and one Maine lobster. This is served with a creamy lobster-shrimp linguini. I ordered the “Mix and Match” Lobster special. 3 Maine Lobster tails stuffed with seafood! We enjoyed Caesar Salad, their yummy cornbread, baked potatoes, broccoli and two drinks. The bill: Under $100 AND we brought home a ‘doggy bag” which will certainly allow us to enjoy one or two other Lobster meals. WJJ is planning to make Lobster with whiskey sauce–a recipe from our old “Ritz Boston” day. Yes, Red Lobster is my personal “Deal of the Day”. In case you are wondering…this was NOT a good Diet Day!

I’m beginning to become more and more like my Mother and her diet. Every Monday, I start and by Friday, I’m finished, only to start again on Monday. Guess what? It’s not working!!!

Speaking of Lent, I asked my sister Chris if she got ashes last Ash Wednesday and she replied “yes”. I asked what Mass she attended. Here is her answer. “Oh I didn’t go to Mass –I went to Starbucks. There were two clergy administering ashes–so I got mine. “ Hmmm Coffee to go –Ashes to go… Not sure how I feel about that…. What say you?

What to buy on Amazon: First, become a PRIME Member!!
I am the Amazon Queen –I buy ALMOST everything on PRIME –so here are my recommendations for this week.

My wonderful friend Linda who is stunning, successful and an inspiration to all women, gave me a book called “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young to give to a friend of mine. It is a daily devotional. It helped Linda immensely as she was going through a very difficult time in her life –which was caused by others not Linda. And boy… did Linda come through –with flying colors. I loved the book so much –I bought one for myself. My friend and I read the passages daily + we often do it together over the phone. I highly recommend “Jesus Calling”!

The Miracle of Mindfulness –A guide to Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist. He has published more than 100 books. .

If you have a mind that never seems to stop –buy this book now! Just try practicing “staying in the moment”. My first day was Thursday. I lasted one hour. As I walked down our corridor towards the kitchen, I actually looked out towards the ocean and SAW the ocean. I was once asked, “Do you take time to stop and smell the roses?” I responded, “I don’t even see the damn roses”. 2017 I am working on that.

All of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books are inspirational –but I strongly suggest you start with this one.

Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex–A sip a day keeps UTI’s away! It’s that simple –I LOVE this product! It’s available in pill form, but be careful the pill form has NDAID (like aspiring and Ibuprofen) so it should be used only when you get a feeling that a UTI is “on the horizon”.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has quit & will not be returning to the “Celebrity Apprentice”. Did anyone watch it? I did—-once!

President Trump tweeted that Mr. Schwarzenegger was fired -he didn’t quit “Celebrity Apprentice”. In fact, truth be known, the Russian government conspired to have Arnold fired.

Tj’s Words of Wisdom–These are my own personal mantras –Enjoy!

Life is not a spectator sport –Play to WIN!

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