Tiffany’s Valentines Tips For HER

Valentine’s Day is two days away and as we all know it is primarily a woman’s holiday. We expect beautiful cards, flowers and lots of romance.

But come on ladies, don’t you think we should put some effort into making Valentine’s Day special for him as well? Here are some of my favorite Tiffany’s Tips:


Women spend a great deal of time looking for the perfect card for their special “honey”. We often choose one of those long, wordy, sentimental cards that show him just how much we love him.

I don’t know how to tell you this….. The reality is that those are the types of cards WE like to receive. Have you ever watched his face as he is pretending to read every word in this “card novel”? You’ll notice, he’ll actually take extra time so that you will think he is absorbing every word. Then he gives her that perfunctory, “that was really nice”. Hmmmm…

Truth be know, men are just as happy to get a cute card with a double entendre or a sweet card with less than 20 words. I’ve pulled together some examples below.  (I actually made these cards for WJJ)

First, let’s tackle the cute cards:

I love you in the morning

I love you every night

I loved you when I met you

Yes it was love at first sight

But let’s make sure we’re “right”

And make mad passionate love tonight!

OR the Double Entendre

In every great relationship,

the man is usually on top.

(Usually, I say, “the woman is on top,” but if you’re giving it to a man, let’s make him feel good. Remember, it is Valentine’s Day!)

Now for the short, sweet, and simple card:

You are a wonderful husband.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.

I love you.


What could he possibly want for Valentine’s Day? Oh, come on…you know!

He wants YOU –but the SEXY you. Take out the corset, put on the hose and high heels, chill the champagne and create a night of passion. It’s that simple.

My girlfriend (a professional artist) actually spent an entire day decorating her bedroom with red and white netting and tons of hearts – it was gorgeous! She also was wearing a very sexy UCW Boutique piece of lingerie and had an abundance of delicious lotions and potions to compliment the romantic decor.

I didn’t know how to tell her that she could have saved a lot of time and effort. While I’m sure her husband appreciated the ambiance of the room – something tells me he was far more delighted with her sexiness! In fact, I know all the details of that evening but the story will stop there. After all I’ve been an UndercoverWear Agent forever so, I’m always sworn to secrecy.

So ladies, don’t make this complicated –take the time to plan an evening of fun, imagination, and passion. And always remember, the nicer you are to him in the bedroom, the nicer he is to you everywhere else!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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