Valentine’s Day

As you know, I am a research “junkie,” so I decided to find out how Valentine’s Day got started. Are you ready? While there have been various theories, the most popular dates back to Bishop Valentine, a priest living in Rome during the reign of Claudius the Cruel. Claudius didn’t want men to marry during … More Valentine’s Day

URGENT: Wake Up Men, It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.  This “couple’s holiday” is the most celebrated event each year – yes, even more than birthdays or anniversaries. For ONE night (out of 365), couples are invited show their love. But, as we wall know, it’s the male who is expected to be romantic, loving, and shower … More URGENT: Wake Up Men, It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

People Business

Do you know that most of you are in “The People Business?”  Whether you are a hair stylist, a bank teller, a corporate executive, a direct sales consultant, a plumber, or many other professions, much of your success is predicated on your people skills. Of course, talent is important.  But in this day of Yelp … More People Business

HOT FLASH… You Know You’ve Hit 50 WHEN…

Hot Flash 1 You know you’ve hit 50 when: Wait servers start calling you Ma’am.  I’m sure you can appreciate it when a Military person addresses you as “Ma’am –it is a sign of respect. But when a HOT gorgeous 20-something-year-old male wait server does so, it’s downright painful! It’s even worse when a cute, … More HOT FLASH… You Know You’ve Hit 50 WHEN…

Oh, The Places We Go!

I literally did thousands of UndercoverWear Parties.  Each party had its own unique personality. Some of my most memorable parties were after the Boston Herald’s two-page full-color article on my “naughty nighty” parties. Once the article appeared, the phone rang constantly. It seemed everyone wanted to have one of my parties. I booked shows every … More Oh, The Places We Go!