The Ugly Duckling

I have been feeling really, old, fat, tired and quite ugly.   And to make matters worse, everything I have done lately has been really difficult. For example: This week, WJJ asked me to do an Excel project for him. That should be quite simple. As an FYI, in case you don’t know, WJJ can be … More The Ugly Duckling

That’s Interesting

Interesting is such an interesting word. In our family it has several different connotations.   Let me give you some examples. So I’m chatting with WJJ and I say, “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s go to Italy for a month”. Or, “You know I’d love to go to Montana in winter and rent a gorgeous … More That’s Interesting

Mr. Scale

[In honor of Fat Tuesday] I want you to know that I have a very important love/hate relationship …with my weight. Yes, you heard my right, my weight. Stated simply I love it when I feel thin and hate it when I feel fat. The irony is that the difference might only be 3-5 pounds, … More Mr. Scale

HOT FLASH….. You know you’ve hit 50 WHEN…….

Hot Flash 1 You know you’ve hit 50 when: Wait servers start calling you Ma’am. While I love it when a Military person addresses me as “Ma’am”—when a HOT gorgeous 20 something year old male wait server does so, it’s downright painful! It’s even worse when a cute, young, sweet female uses Ma’am, you immediately … More HOT FLASH….. You know you’ve hit 50 WHEN…….

Harbor Tower Adventures!

I’ve done a lot of UndercoverWear Parties. And each party has had it’s own personality. Some of my most memorable were after the Boston Herald did a two-page full-color article on my “naughty nighty” parties. Once the article appeared, the phone rang constantly. It seemed everyone wanted to have one of my parties. I booked … More Harbor Tower Adventures!

Deflated Balls

The controversy between the Patriots and Deflated Balls continues. Of course, I have my suspicions. It is NOT Tom Brady –That gorgeous hunk who is married to supermodel Giselle does not equal Deflated Balls. It is NOT Bill Belichick–Have you viewed any of his short and abrupt Press Conferences? –NO Deflated Balls It is NOT … More Deflated Balls


So, I have had this little struggle lately. It’s all about the word “bossy” as it refers to woman. As you may know, there is a movement to educate society NOT to call a female bossy. Of course, I have a story. When I was in 2nd grade, I came home from school and my … More BOSSY