What Color is Your Crazy?

What color is your crazy?

I have come to the conclusion that everyone is a “little” crazy.   I’m sure you are thinking, “yes” there are people who are crazy, but not me.  Well, let’s just see about that!

First, let’s start with why I’m sure there crazies out there!

How often have you heard, “She’s bat shit crazy”.  Or, “ Everyone is driving me “f******” crazy today.   Or, “ I have a crazy life!  Now if you are a believer but, don’t think you have a case of the crazies, , ask yourself if you’ve ever said:

  • My kids are driving me crazy!
  • Traffic is crazy today!
  • My husband thinks I’m crazy.
  • I’m so crazy about my son!
  • When those hormones kick in, I am a crazy B****

Oh the list can go on and on.  Almost every day, many of us experience some degree of “crazy”.  

 I am convinced there are degrees of crazy and they are all colorful.  


The question is,  “What color is your crazy today?” Personally today, I am light pink crazy.  Because my niece shamed me, I started walking again . Typical of my personality, I did not start slowly.  I walked over 5 miles.  My legs ache, my bum hurts and I am not feeling exhilarated. 

CRAZY! But I am feeling accomplished. So I am only light pink crazy.

Yesterday I was fuchsia crazy!  

Our automatic front glass doors just stopped opening. The technician came to fix them. I am totally convinced that he had no idea what he was doing.  So after  3 ½ hours of “work”, guess what?  The glass doors are still not working.

During that same day, I was also green crazy.  

For some reason, my wonderful husband was concerned that I was “home alone” so he gave me lists of instructions re how to leave the house when the front doors wouldn’t open.  BTW we have a back door and a side door.  Grant you, it’s a little more complicated than I am describing but a confidant 10 year old could probably figure it out.  Walter called me several times to make sure I was OK.   He also had Jamie call me. So either Walter is the single most loving husband in the world or he thinks I am totally inept. Not knowing which one,  made me a little green crazy.  OK, it’s probably a combination of both.

Some people (not I) can be black crazy.  

Oh you’ve seen them in action.  You know, yelling at the McDonald clerk because they didn’t get the right hamburger.  Even better how about all those crazy people who post the most inappropriate things on Facebook.

Politicians are just a kaleidoscope of CRAZY   Their crazy changes day-by-day and moment-by-moment.

Politicians are just a kaleidoscope of CRAZY.Their crazy changes day-by-day and moment-by-moment. Click To Tweet

Single men, who are commitment phobic, are purple crazy –They want the passion–no they want sex –but no real relationship.

Teenagers are blue crazy. Sometimes light blue where they love everyone and everything and other times they are dark blue crazy where they hate the entire world. 

I’m sure we’ve all be red crazy. Really volatile .

We get crazed over the dumbest things. Red crazies always have to make their point and they think they are always right!  Whether you are Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump, I can assure you that you have been RED CRAZY –It must be that Russian interference.

Red crazies always have to make their point and they think they are always right.


Now the most frightening crazy is the beige crazy.

You think they are calm, cool and collective and suddenly they became Black Crazy and Red Crazy and then they settle back to Beige Crazy. It can really drive others…. CRAZY!!!

So as you go through each day interacting with people and you wonder, “Are they a little crazy?” You now have the answer.  We are ALL crazy!  All we have to determine is, “What color is your crazy today?”

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