Deflated Balls

The controversy between the Patriots and Deflated Balls continues. Of course, I have my suspicions.

It is NOT Tom Brady –That gorgeous hunk who is married to supermodel Giselle does not equal Deflated Balls.

It is NOT Bill Belichick–Have you viewed any of his short and abrupt Press Conferences? –NO Deflated Balls

It is NOT Rob Gronkowski–There is no way that great big tight end who carries 3 defenders on his back over the goal line can possibly equate to Deflated Balls.

How about Aaron Hernandez –Oops he is in jail on three murder charges — Definitely – No Deflated Balls.

In the male dominated, testosterone infused, highly competitive NFL who could possibly be responsible for “Deflated Balls”.

I have my theory.

It’s Erin Andrews. Yep she’s the guilty one. Surely, as one of the women who announces on the sidelines for Fox Sports she must know that she has a “token female” role. That must frost her cookies.

Every NFL game on Fox News has one female sideline interviewer. They appear on camera no more 5 minutes per game. While they may be talented, their role is to show that Fox Sports like Fox News is “fair and balanced”.

Of course, these women are attractive, and diversified. However, they are not as sexy as the cheerleaders nor as pretty as the Fox News female Commentators.   Fox Sports must make this look “legit”. If in fact they are knowledgeable and talented as a sports commentator, then they are being grossly underutilized.

So think about it, Based on their “non-role”, why wouldn’t any one of these female sideline announcers want to prove that one of the men in the NFL was responsible for …… Deflated Balls.   Deflated Balls would certainly create Deflated Ego’s.

You might wonder, why did I choose Erin Andrews as the culprit ? She’s a sport commenter in Baseball and Football and on Dancing with the Stars which boasts the much coveted Mirror Ball. That woman knows her balls!

And finally, in a year where the NFL image has been tarnished with spousal abuse, child abuse, murders and concussions, can 9 deflated balls in the first half of a game that ended up being a 2nd half blow out really become a lead story for over a week?   NFL nice way to deflect attention.

Conspiracy Theory –It’s the NFL strategy –deflate and deflect.   Good Job!

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