Confessions of a Junkie!

No, I don’t do heroin or any other illegal drugs. Because of my Lyme disease, I am eligible for medical marijuana, but have chosen not to do so. Drugs are just not my “thing”. However, my addiction is very visible –I am addicted to politics. I am a PEJPresidential Election Junkie.

Yes, I watch the debates. EVERY minute of them! I hesitate when I have to “tinkle”, so we pause to ensure I won’t miss one single word. When the debate is over, for hours on end, I watch the follow-up talks about the debate that I just watched. I take notes. I rate the candidates on substance, demeanor, resilience, and even humor. I also vocally comment on the opinions of the commentators. I become obsessed with not only the candidates but also the process by which we, the American people, determine who will win our hearts and our votes. Well this year, they may not win our hearts!

While certainly it is admirable that I take my vote so seriously, truth be known, I have had other “newsy” addictions, I am still trying to determine who killed Jon Benet. Although I am pretty sure I’ve figured that one out. Like many others, I cannot get over the O.J. Simpson verdict. Nor can I ever understand how Casey Anthony was “not guilty”.

WJJ and I were on a cruise when Anna Nicole Smith died. And, yes, I actually spent hours upon hours in front of the TV. While others thought it was a not newsworthy, I most certainly felt it was fascinating. Come on now, when a 27 year old Playboy model, turned Guess Jean icon, turned stripper marries an 89 year old billionaire is that not fascinating? Then her sugar daddy dies, a legal battle ensues over the money, she gets pregnant, her son (whom she adored) dies of an overdose in the hospital while she is having her baby girl and then 5 months later she dies. Add in the creepy Howard K Stern, her attorney –who some say is response for her death and her son’s death, and you’ve got one juicy story.   As they say, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Of course I can also get obsessed about the personal lives of woman who I believe have had incredibly interesting lives. For instance, I have done extensive research on Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger and Gertrude Stein? The accomplishments, nuances and questions about these great ladies enthrall me.   Oh yes, I’ve even done a whole lot of digging about Barack Obama, his Mother, his Grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis –who some believe is Obama’s real Father.

So I admit it. I am a “Junkie”. Sometimes “heavy” events and sometimes “unusual” events intrigue and indulge my curiosity, but I guess that’s  indicative of my personality. When Phil Donahue asked me what in my life am I passionate about, I answered “Everything”! I continued, “Because if I’m not passionate about it, it isn’t in my life”. I strongly believe, that Life is Not a Spectator Sport so live it with Purpose and Passion.

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