Just Call Me Imelda!

Just Call Me Imelda

Do you know I have the same birthday as Imelda Marcos? Of course,  not the same year. And coincidentally, we also share a “shoe fetish.” So obviously, I am a true aficionado on all the latest Shoe Trends for Fall 2015. Are you ready?

Heels are changing dramatically. First we have the kitten heel, which is a short 1 – 2 inch heel. The heel can be a bit curvy or straight. These are great for “easy walking” but not very flattering at all unless you’re wearing long pants–which means the pant will hide the shoe.

Then we have the “Furry Feet” (yes that’s what they are called). In reality they invite your feet to strongly resemble Chewbacca. These are the absolute ugliest things I have ever seen. Many of the top designers are doing everything from flats to boots with this “mess” of fur. They take UGG boots to an entirely new level -from UGG to UGGLY!

Next we have the “Clunky Chunky” styles.    Prada is featuring a Mary Jane version in two shades of pink  I have seen many of the young skinny Japanese woman wearing these shoes. They look really adorable on them. But on any 50+ year old woman, they simply look just like “old lady granny shoes”.   And trust me WJJ would not be amused.

Ready for more shoe update: Flat shoes are “in”. Patchwork and color contrast are “in”. And metallics in any style are very “in”.   I do believe the shoe industry is trying to convince us that stilettos are “out”. My feet might thank them but my sense of fashion says “NO WAY!”

There is some good news. While Manolo Blahnik has “caved in” to the trends, Christian Louboutin has not. He still features those beautiful high stiletto heels that make us feel feminine and downright sexy. Dior had kept some of their “hi fashion high heels” and added glitz and glamour. If you happen to have $1400 to spend on a pair of shoes, Dior has a gorgeous pink satin with a lovely chiffon rose and a dazzling pink sparkly heel. They are stunning!

And to bring this to “the bedroom”, (of course) –another shoe fashion trend is thigh high boots–you know the ones your lover has encouraged you to wear for him.

No worries, he’ll give you all the $$$ you want to buy those fashion trending boots , just as long as you wear them with your shortest tightest mini skirt. Remember it’s Ok to do “Sultry and a little Slutty” in the bedroom. Of course if you have thighs like mine you’re going to have to settle for a more moderate version. Wouldn’t want my thunder thighs spilling over the boot. That would not be sexy. Luckily, like most men, WJJ would probably not notice the thighs and only see the boots.

By the way, if you want to see all the trends in Shoe Fashions for this season, here’s a hint. Go to Zappo.com. You’ll see all the latest styles and they are very reasonably priced. For a high fashion look and great prices check out the Guess Brand!

Last but not least, if you want the most single most comfortable pair of flats ever made got to Macy’s and get a pair of Karen Scott Nelly Casual Wedges (black or navy). As you’re doing your grocery shopping or running through airports, you will definitely thank me.

Whether you want fashion, comfort or pizzazz, this year’s Fall Shoe Collections have   it all. Oh except for flip-flops–we’re saving those for the politicians.

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