Hawaii Fashion

Do you know that despite the fact that it never gets REALLY cold here in Hawaii, from a Fashion standpoint, we actually do have “seasonal” clothes? That’s right, we change our wardrobes in conjunction with the changing seasons. We can always tell the tourists in Hawaii because they wear shorts with cotton tops and beach wear year round.

The men of Hawaii still wear their “Aloha Shirts” everywhere (other than specified black tie events). But we, the women of Hawaii, take our fashion seriously. Oh sure we might wear an occasional pastel long dress, but by enlarge, we stick to the colors of fall. We are much more apt to wear black, navy, green, brown or a combination thereof. And you will always see a Fasionista wearing suede boots with a cashmere sweater. I personally own several “fall-fashion” sweaters, a few boots, and lots of leather.

Contrary to the stereotype, unless we are attending a special Hawaiian themed party, you’ll never see us in a muumuu. And if we are wearing a muumuu, you can rest assured it is fitted and stylish. Oh and if you want to sound like a Kamaʻāina, then pronounce muumuu like “muʻumuʻu “. Now you’re probably wondering what Kamaʻāina means. Pronounced ka-ma-EYE-na, it is the Hawaiian language word for a long-term resident of the Hawaiian Islands. Literally “child of the land,” it derives from the words “kama”, meaning “child”, and “ʻāina”, meaning ‘land’. The word “kamaʻaina” describes Hawaiʻi residents regardless of their racial background, as opposed to “kanaka” which means a person of native Hawaiʻan ancestry. You’re getting all kinds of information today!

Back to my Hawaii fashion, one might ask, “Why would you wear seasonal clothes when you really don’t have any seasons in Hawaii?” That indeed is a good question.  For me the answer is simple. I HATE summer clothes. I have always HATED summer clothes. Give me fur, cashmere, wool — all combined to create glamor and elegance. Did I mention, I HATE summer clothes?

As I sit here right now, I am wearing an Escada short sleeve shirt with bling and hot pink Escada Capri pants. I look perfectly ridiculous. I’m only wearing them because I vowed that I would be trying on “stuff” that I haven’t worn in 2 years or more. Good news… they fit.  Bad news, seriously – me in hot pink capris. Oh I have the same capris in white and blue. I must have bought them several years ago during my “vacationing” in Hawaii stage. You can be sure these pants are all going to consignment.

I guess I have two choices. 1. I could move back to Boston to enjoy my winter wardrobe, divorcing my husband in the process since there’s no way he’s coming with me. Hmmm – that won’t work – I’d be more miserable without him than without my fall fashions. 2. I could learn to love Summer Clothes… Nope, that will NEVER happen. What is my Solution? Got it! I’m going to wear my gorgeous black leather Chanel Suit and my cashmere sweaters with leather pants here in Hawaii and I won’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Good plan – as long as my trips out include ONLY air conditioned establishments. Otherwise, I am going to be like the Wicked Witch of the West as I melt away in our island weather.

Now all I have to figure out is how to wear my fur coats here… No worries, I’ll come up with something.

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