On this Thanksgiving Day, I have a very special and very specific “Thank You.”

This is for one of our UndercoverWear Agents. This is for Danielle.

Danielle has been with UndercoverWear for four years. During that time she has been a top achiever, she has earned trips, promotions, lots of $$$ and has been a true UndercoverWear Success Story. Believe it or not, I have not met Danielle in person. We did SKYPE when she achieved the I Love UCW $1,000 Shopping Spree. So I did get to “visit” with her and could see that indeed she would continue to reach her goals in UndercoverWear. She was on top of her game.

Yes, Danielle’s accomplishments in UCW have been amazing. And Danielle, for that UndercoverWear thanks you.

But my personal thank you is NOT for Danielle’s success in UndercoverWear. While I do appreciate her contribution to our company, it is her personal story over the last year that has touched my heart.

Last year, Danielle was a young vibrant woman filled with anticipation and excitement about her future with UndercoverWear. She was living her dream and helping women change their lives while she changed hers. But last January Danielle started feel ill – really ill. Not one to be daunted by anything, Danielle continued to stay positive while trying to figure out exactly what was happening to her body. In her previous career, Danielle was a nurse so she knew something was radically wrong with her. The more doctors she saw, the more tests they performed, with fewer answers being received. Some doctors were perplexed, while others actually had the audacity to question the validity of her illness. Suggestions ranged from surgery to pain management to seeing a good therapist, and each day, her health declined. The months went by with no answers and certainly no resolution. How very frustrating that was for Danielle. Could it get any worse?

Finally a trip to Mayo Clinic where they ran more tests. The results of all those tests showed that Yes, it could get worse. The prognosis was not good – in fact it was pretty lousy. But for Danielle there were few tears and no feeling of despair. She decided that this debilitating disease was not going to stop her and it hasn’t. Her body may not function perfectly but her talent, charisma, generosity of spirit and loving heart make up for it. Her “I Can Do Anything/I Can Do Everything” attitude has certainly served her well – most of the time.  And on this day of Thanksgiving, I personally want to acknowledge Danielle’s courage and strength.

As I’ve said, I haven’t met Danielle and yet I have spent countless hours chatting with her. She is a role model for all women. She is my hero. Not because of what she has accomplished but because of who she is. And although Danielle really hates “asking for help,” I am very thankful. Why? Because on that rare occasion when Danielle’s body is just not cooperating and she needs a good laugh or a short cry, she will pick up the phone and call me, and we will chat and chat and chat. Together we’ve decided that Danielle can do “almost everything.” Perfection is overrated even in the best of times. And it’s OK to have that occasional “pity party” – but make sure you invite someone you love to pity party with you. A good cry every so often works miracles.

So Danielle, on this Thanksgiving Day, I thank you for giving me the honor of being there for you when you are feeling “crappy” – “really crappy.” This is my blessing. No erase that – You are my blessing!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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