Holiday Sanity

On a yearly basis, we as woman go through a series of tests. We test our eyesight, our hearing and we even have the dreaded Mammogram and Pap smear. All of these tests are designed to determine if we are A – OK.


We also take all those Internet tests. We now know which princess we are, what movie actress we were and even what type of cloud we would be. Well, maybe not the cloud, but I’m sure that’s coming.


But do you know that each and every year, we undergo a crucial test to measure our mental stability? I’ll bet your thinking, I don’t remember taking a stability test. Ok think again. You are taking it right now!


This test takes place each and every year starting the week before Thanksgiving and ending the week after New Year’s Day.  It’s called the Holiday Insanity Test. This is the ultimate test to see if we are capable of maintaining our sanity against all odds.


The Holiday Season is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness. But we all know it can be incredibly busy, emotional and stressful. We’re supposed to be singing, “Jingle Bells” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Yet unfortunately, some days we start singing – I’ve Lost that Loving Feeling!


We start by saying things like, I’m tired, I’m irritable and I have so much to do. As the days progress our stress level rise and we become absolutely sure that we are not going to get everything done before the Holiday. Then we start getting down right nasty towards mankind –particularly our husband, and children. Words that are normally foreign to us start spewing. We say, “My husband does nothing to help. He just sits there watching Monday, Thursday and Sunday night Football. Does he have a clue what has to be done? Next it’s on to the kids.  While good parenting prohibits us from sharing our trued feeling aloud, we think –my kids are so spoiled. They want everything! Do they not realize it takes time and money to keep up with the kid’s next store? You know you’re ready to crack when you finally say, “Now I know why nuns live longer”! And finally, “I hate the Holiday Season.”


Do you really want to be Halloween Hilda’s Wicked Whiny Witch or Scrooges Baa Hum Bug Bitch? No no, nay nay.


You really can turn this Season of Stress into Holiday Happiness.   The solution is simple. Try the 3 V diet.   It is VERY VERY VERY effective. What is the 3 V diet–Vitamins, vodka and valium.   OK I’m really just joking. You can’t really mix vodka and Valium better choose one or the other.


In all seriousness, if you want the Holiday season to be easy then all you have to do is GO GO GO!! No I don’t mean start running around shopping, I mean GO —GET Organized. Now I can already hear you loudly saying, I don’t have time to get organized. BTW, as you’re yelling at me while reading this, I can’t hear you! So, let’s GO –Get Organized. Trust me you can’t afford NOT to get organized. Remember in every situation, success is 90% preparation and 10% execution.


So get your paper and pencil or computers ready and put aside a couple of hours to begin the process. Yes, you actually have to allocate that time to Get Organized–that is your first step! And start your thinking process with the following:


What are the most important things I want and/or need to do for this Holiday Season? Here are some examples

Christmas Gift List


Christmas Cards

Christmas Party

Home Improvement for the Holidays–Really take that off the list. You don’t have time. –Wait until after the New Year

Decorate House

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Fluff and Buff

Botox –There are priorities

Family Fun

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

Romance Time (Don’t laugh)

Personal Fun (Don’t laugh again)

Personal QUIET TIME (Now, you’re rolling on the floor with laughter)

Charity Work

Start Diet — Forget it —not going to work!




Once the list is completed, congratulate yourself, then go through the list and see what you can delete or make easier. You all know one of my favorite Tiffanyism’s “Perfection is overrated”!


If you’ve taken my advice, then you will pass the Holiday Sanity Test with flying colors. If not……vodka martini anyone?????




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  1. I absolutely love reading your life-tinis! I am the organized one, when it come to Christmas. My favotrite part is crossing stuff off the list. I would love to catch up with you! Have a wonderful, stress free Christmas. Wish the same to your family for me! xoxoxo

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