I Remember When….

Recently, WJJ and I attended a Black Tie Event and saw a number of people that we had not seen in years. I was delighted when several said, “Oh, my gosh you haven’t changed one bit”.

Frankly, I looked pretty darn good that evening. Thanks to my sister Christine’s generosity, I wore a stunning burgundy gown that was understated elegance at it’s best. I spent lots of time on my hair, my makeup and deciding upon my jewelry and accessories. Yet, I was pleased with the outcome.

OK, but let’s have a reality check. Is there any truth to “I haven’t changed in 20 years?”

Here are the facts: My wonderful sister Chris recently inherited a whole lot of my designer “vintage” winter clothes. Specifically she got several Chanel outfits that I knew I would never wear again. Frankly, it was not only because we live in Hawaii, but, in fact, I realized that they were a tad too small. For those of you who know Chris, she is 5’ tall and tips the scale at maybe 108 pounds.

After she tried the clothes on, she called to thank me and tell me that a couple of the skirts were actually too SMALL! She then proceeded to share with me that she measured the waist and it was 24”. Needless to say, my vanity bubble quickly burst.

I haven’t changed! Right! I remember when I weighed somewhere between 107 and 115 (on a bad day). If my weight hit 120, I would panic and STOP EATING! I remember when I never drank because of the calories. I remember when I could wear my hair jet black and it looked amazing. I remember when I had NO BOOBS, NO BELLY and NO THIGHS. Now my pendulous boobs fall gently on my protruding tummy while my thighs gently rub together.

I remember when my nightly routine consisted of washing my face and putting on my LaMer Cream. Now my nightly routine takes so much time that WJJ periodically knocks on my dressing room door asking, “Is everything OK?”

I remember when I had high cheekbones, no wrinkles and no “flabby arms”.
I remember when I “did” Jane Fonda twice a day.
I remember wearing a skimpy white bathing suit from Paris and appearing in the Boston Globe looking quite glamorous without one ounce of FAT!

Let’s face it, reality always sets in. Just a couple of years ago, a very handsome wait server on our cruise ship (who was certainly enamored with me) said, “Mrs. James, you must have been really gorgeous when you were young.”

And unlike years ago when I would “strut” through the mall and hunky guys would take a double look, now they only look to make sure that I don’t fall and break a hip.

Oh yes, I remember when……

Well I do thank God each and every day, that “yes” I can still remember. And I truly am most appreciative that my friends from the past think I haven’t changed. Of course, I’ve decided that the best thing about getting older is that God diminishes our eyesight. So maybe these friends didn’t see –the extra pounds, the new wrinkles or the flabby arms. Or maybe just maybe they were being kind.

Regardless, at my age I appreciate the compliments. Now, I am getting ready to enjoy a bowl of pasta, with meatballs and a couple of glasses wine. Maybe just maybe I have a better life now than I did as a size 4!

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