I’ve Lost Two Amazing Women

I have lost two remarkable women this week. One of whom I met and one of whom I wish I had met. As you well know, Nancy Davis Reagan left this earth to meet her “Ronnie”. She and President Reagan spent 5 nights at our home in Hawaii. The story is quite intriguing. (We’ll chat about that at our reunion) Although the funniest story was when the Secret Service called us to find out how to turn on the large Jacuzzi in our matching “bathroom suites” so that the Reagan enjoy the “bubbles”. Imagine thinking that the President and Mrs. Reagan were frolicking in your Jacuzzi. May I suggest that the picture still remains ” a little strange”

Of course we met and chatted with Nancy and President Reagan and it was one of the most amazing times of my life. She was “late” he was humorous and despite the fact that they were staying in our home, we felt like the guest snd they were the hosts. They were warm, kind, true, sincere and honest.

The next woman who passed away this week was Elizabeth Garrett the first female President of Cornell (where our son Jamie received his Masters Degree). I never met Elizabeth. She passed away at 52 years old having been diagnosed with colon cancer in February. She had been President of Cornell for less than 8 months. Of course I know Cornell & having been named the first female President she clearly shattered the glass ceiling.

I also personally know how horrific colon cancer is. My Mother died from Colon Cancer and my Father also had the horrid disease. Colon cancer is not pretty…. it’s not a pleasant topic of conversation. It’s rather “dirty” and “ugly”…. but while colon cancer is not pleasant to talk about , in most cases it is preventable In Ms. Garrett’s case I’ll pretty sure that there is a genetic link & I am quite confident that I have the same link.

I never met Elizabeth Garrett….but I send my love and my admiration for a woman who broke the barriers and yet succumbed to a cancer that gets little attention. Other cancers are so much “prettier”. Who wants to talk about the colon? Who wants to have a colonoscopy” Yuck

Elizabeth…..thank you for your contribution for achieving something that no other woman has…. President of Cornell. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers. You are brave on so many levels.

Finally, let’s keep Colon Cancer on every woman’s mind…. And let’s not make this the silent, ugly, no one wants to talk about it killer. Right Barbara ‘Bain’ Waters!


PS Time for my colonoscopy!

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  1. obviously I was out of the loop for a very long time but I was unaware you lost Adrienne….so very sorry, belatedly

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