Live It –Love It and Enjoy it –With Passion

A dear friend sent me a very poignant and initially “depressing” email today entitled, “And then it is winter”. It’s all about how quickly time passes. We wake up one morning and realize that we are no longer young energetic “kids” with our whole life in front of us. Most of our life is behind us. So that’s the depressing part.

However for me the final line of this “story” identifies perfectly how one looks at every aspect of their life. It said, “Today is the oldest you have ever been; yet the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy this day! “

So today I am young. Today I am energetic. Today I live for the moment. I will fondly remember my memories of the past, I will joyously look forward to the excitement of the future, but for Today –it is my 24 hours of Love, Passion and total commitment to every moment of this day.

So whether you are in the summer, spring, fall or winter of your life– Live It –Love It and Enjoy It –but do it with Passion!

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