Time to Shape Up???

I recently read that two Massachusetts women filed a civil lawsuit in federal court claiming they were tricked into buying undergarments with names like iPant and Instant Slimmer that were made with fabric advertised as containing special weight-reducing substances. The lawsuit states that they are seeking class action status for their claim against Maidenform Brands LLC and Wacoal America Inc. Further they claimed that both used fabric made by Nurel of Spain that is advertised as being “constructed with minerals and nutrients that are absorbed by the skin and can permanently change women’s body shape and skin tone.”

Initially, I thought that these two women were at best misinformed –at worst just plain old dumb. So, I really believed that these two “chicks” had no basis for a lawsuit.   But as always, I did my research. So, I looked up Nurel. This is exactly what is on their website: “Helps control cellulite appearance”—Now that in itself was interesting. You’ll notice they said, “Helps control the APPEARANCE of cellulite”. Most companies will use the word appearance; rarely do they boast it actually reduces cellulite. Very different!

Further this is what Nurel said: “NOVAREL SLIM is a Nylon micro-fibre which incorporates active principles helping to control cellulite appearance during the garment use. “ Again notice “appearance”. “Thanks to the exclusive micro-encapsulation technology developed and patented by NUREL, capsules containing active ingredients are embedded into the fibre.” Here are the “high quality” ingredients in the microcapsules: It combines the following selection of active ingredients: Caffeine, Retinol and Vitamin E as well as other ingredients such us Fatty Acids and Aloe Vera.

UndercoverWear has had several body products that include Caffeine, Essential Fatty Acids, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E — and these ingredients do in fact reduce the appearance of cellulite when used often. But I wasn’t sure how these ingredients could be put into a shape-wear garment and actually work. So, more research for me.

Nurel suggests that “thousands of micro capsules are woven into the yarn and are released from the garment and absorbed into the body.” Hmm… I’m not buying this yet! Literally, I’m not buying It.

Digging deeper, I found that the instructions on these garments say that you should wear them for 28 days, eight hours a day. Now let me give you my own personal experience. UndercoverWear has had shape-wear items in our line before. As mentioned, we have had Cellulite creams as well. I personally have used a “dry brush” on my thighs and buttocks, then put the cream on, rubbed it in thoroughly and then put on my shape-wear “girdle”. Guess what happens?   The combination of the cream and the garment –create a “heating” effect. The body then releases water and the combination of less fluid and cream into the skin, does in fact diminish the look of cellulite temporarily. The operative word is temporarily. Don’t dare drink lots of water or worse yet that glass of wine.   Oh by the way, how many of you remember the baby oil and Saran Wrap Trick?
Seriously, who in their right mind is going to wear the same shape-wear item for 28 days, eight hours a day? Can you say “uncomfortable”? Hey how about this for a novel idea. Maybe try working out for let’s say one hour a day for 28 days.   Which do you think will give you better results?

The suit claims the fabric is produced “to prey upon women’s insecurities about their body images.”  The plaintiffs were harmed, because they paid as much as 50 percent premiums to buy undergarments falsely advertised as having the special powers. While I do agree that Companies should not mislead consumers, I also believe in personal responsibility.  I’ll bet these ladies believe in Santa Claus and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

Many years ago, I was in Real Estate. There was a term called Caveat Emptor –let the buyer beware. While I chastise companies that make ridiculous claims –shouldn’t the consumer be held responsible for “buying into” this absurdity?   Do you know the old saying, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?  Who in their right mind would believe that you can simply put on shape-wear one can redefine their body.  Simply SILLY!!!  My advice to these ladies is simple.  Stop wasting your time and money on a frivolous lawsuit and get a life. Better yet…here’s a novel idea…… Go to the gym!!!

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  1. OMG!! One would swear that you’ve been spending too much time with me. I laughed all the way through this one. Who would think that the sweet Public Tiffany would come out in this way. I loved it. Thanks for a great start to my day. Love, KN Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:07:48 +0000 To: katienye@live.com

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