Lose 30 Pounds in 90 Days

You may not know this, but I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. This is not a joke. I absolutely lost 30 pounds in 90 days & I have the photo’s to prove it. Would you like to know how I did it?

Here’s my Monday through Thursday Diet:

Breakfast -Black Coffee –Grapefruit and 1 slice of toasted thin whole wheat bread with butter

Lunch–a bowl of spinach with one slice of melted cheese.

Dinner –Large salad with plain vinegar —Broiled Chicken Breast — broccoli. –Green beans with oregano and vinegar.


Breakfast and Lunch -Same as above

Dinner –Substitute Broiled Fish for Chicken


Breakfast: Two hard-boiled eggs with ½ one slice whole English muffin. (Sometimes I splurged and made soft boiled eggs)

Lunch: One thick slice of turkey –sliced tomatoes and green beans

Dinner: Large Salad–lots of lettuce–tomatoes etc.


Breakfast: Coffee with Cream –One Stella Dora Cookie (50 Calories)

Lunch: Steak with ½ baked potato with small dollop of sour cream

Dinner: 1 cup of Progresso low sodium soup

Snacks consisted primarily of fruit. If I were ravenous, I would have a cup of Progresso Low Sodium Soup. NO WINE, VODKA, LICQUOR, SWEETS, CHOCOLATE OR CANDIES. My only “sugar” was sugarless gum.

And I walked or worked out just about every single day.

This diet is exactly what I followed for 12 consecutive weeks. I did not cheat once!

Did my diet work? You “betcha”… I lost 30 pound in 90 days. And that is 100% honest! I went from a size 16 to a size 8! Yes, congratulations are in order.

Oh…. Oopsie… I may have forgotten to mention that this was my 90-day diet, a few years ago –precisely when I was 21 years old. I went from 158 pound to 128 pounds. In addition, I completely transformed myself -that’s another story.
Hmmm, I sure had a lot of drive, determination and discipline back then. I had a “weight goal” and I was going to hit it. Congratulations to me!

Time moves on and those extra pounds have started to creep up.
Frankly, I would really LOVE to lose 15 or 20 pounds NOW. Ah, unfortunately I’m not sure the discipline and drive are the same. Actually I am sure. Nope–not there. I am just not willing to give up all the “stuff” that I enjoy. Last night we feasted on lasagna and red wine. Tonight we’ll probably have marinated pork with baked potatoes and a vodka martini! Though I gave up chocolate and nuts for Lent, I’ll probably have a Greek cookie and just a little Amaretto for my after dinner “treat”.

Whoa is me….. My latest dilemma — Loose weight OR enjoy life. Oh, I know someone is going to attempt to lecture me on “moderation” and portion control etc. Hello…. I have been 158 pounds and 104 pounds… so I think I understand all that.

I’d like to say that the reason it is so difficult to loose weight is age & metabolism. But truth be known, it’s not that at all. Stated simply I like my life and I like my food and I like my vodka and/or wine. I like my husband, I like being out with friends and enjoying good food and finally I like my extra little goodies. So… maybe it’s time for me to give up my size 6 pants and buy size 10’s or 12’s.

Or I could try to convince myself that I prefer to be “overweight”. After all, I don’t look gaunt…. My fuller face hides my wrinkles! And damn it, I look healthy.

Of course, when I look at the beautiful photos that David Kawika has taken of UndercoverWear lingerie and corsets with gorgeous Gerry…. I yearn for the days when my thunder thighs did not rub against each other. I lament about the size of my waist –Scarlett O’Hara I am not. Tears fill my eyes, as my arms will jiggle –just a bit. Again I say…. Whoa is me… The good news is that I live in Hawaii –where a good muu muu will hide a multitude of sins! Do you think I can find one in gold lame?

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3 thoughts on “Lose 30 Pounds in 90 Days

  1. ahhh Tiffany, be comfortable in your own skin. Celebrate your curves even if they jiggle 😉 oh….I have the gold lame muu muu if ya want it…. lol Love you! Carrie Paquin Price

  2. Now I don’t feel so depressed – EXCEPT – they don’t sell mu mu’s in good old Rochester, NY but they do sell plus sizes!!!!! I love you – you are such an inspiration, Tiffany James. Keep up those inspirational blogs.

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