Not Qualified

I really love taking those silly quizzes that appear online. For Example: “What type of Disney Princess would you be?” Or, “Who are you in one word?” I got Divine… I liked that! Of course I really LOVED, “Who is your Evil Twin?” It was Nancy Cosimini…of course.

I also love doing surveys. I do the Coke Survey, the Red Lobster Survey and even the CVS Survey. Secretly, I am hoping to win some sort of Grand Prize.

Today, I received an email from Amazon with a survey. You do know I am the Amazon Queen so I was delighted to be chosen. The email said the survey would take 15 minutes. Today was a rather hectic day, so I thought, “Why not?” Fifteen minutes of useless, relaxation time.

First Question:

Have you purchased women’s basics —t-shirts, leggings, or tanks in the last year?
Answered, “Yes”.

Next question:

Are you or any close family member involved in any of the following: Check all the apply:

• Market research
• Clothing store or specialty store
• Manufacturer of clothing or accessories
• Advertising or Public Relations
• Online retailer or e-commerce
• Bank, Brokerage Firm or Financial Company
• Publishing Company including magazines, newspapers and blogs.
• None of the above

Well I checked every category because members of my family are in all of those categories. The next thing I knew, I was told that I wasn’t qualified to take the survey. What do you mean —not qualified. So I then re-answered the questions and only checked off two of the choices. Still, “NOT QUALIFIED”. I then checked off “None of the above” and the survey continued. However by that time, I was bored.

Now I want you all to read the above categories again. Seriously the only way that you would not have a close family member in at least ONE of those categories is if you were a sterile orphan who had never left their home. BTW for all you Direct Sales Diva’s and Divo’s …your website would be considered “online retailer”.

Obviously, the survey company had a specific demographic in mind. But damn if I can figure out who that might be. So if you got this survey and they invited you to participate, please let me know how you became “The chosen one”. Well I didn’t make the Cheer-leading squad in High School and now the Amazon Survey has shunned me. Life will go on but I may never be the same.

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2 thoughts on “Not Qualified

  1. You brighten my life Tiffany – don’t ever stop sending your “life-tini’s – You are the best!!!! Luv U

  2. I’m totally LMAO right now, it’s like, 15 min, but as you said by the time you decifer how to qualify your like “Screw this”!!!

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