More Greek Stuffing

I’m sure you’re wondering if I made the Greek Stuffing. Yes. Yes, I did.

In fact, I prepared it and put it in two separate pans. One pan I baked while the turkey was cooking – that is the one I served with dinner. While other pan waited to be doctored with turkey drippings then baked for 45 minutes.

Can you guess which pan of stuffing tasted better? I’ll bet you can. Yes, the pan with the very flavorful, very FATTENING, oily turkey juices. And it was amazing!

The first, “low calorie” version of the stuffing was served with dinner and everyone thought it was wonderful – however, I knew it waned in comparison to my Mother’s. The second pan, while it certainly was not a perfect duplication of Mom’s stuffing, came really close—really, really close! Charlene, eat your heart out! Congratulations to me! …Well, actually to WJJ. He was the one who put the drippings into the stuffing. As you can imagine, I kept saying, “No, that’s enough,” while he kept putting in more and more drippings. While he’s thinking “more flavor,” I’m thinking “more fattening.”

As predicted, I ate my Greek stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner…  Then again at 7 PM for my snack… And again today for my lunch. Can you say “NO WILLPOWER”?!

I’ve actually got it figured out. The quicker I eat the stuffing, the quicker I’ll put on my five pounds, then the quicker I’ll be able to “fast.” My fasting consists of coffee for breakfast, lots of water all day, a very light dinner and Vodka. But tonight before the fast begins, I’ll eat a light meal – Greek Stuffing and a Vodka martini!



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