No “If’s, And’s or BUTTS about it!”

WJJ and I had a great weekend at the Four Season Hotel. The Hotel has 3 different swimming pools–the Adult only pool (which is an infinity pool), the Children’s pool (which initially looks no different than a ‘regular’ pool) and the Relaxation Pool. After a long beach walk, we inadvertently stopped at Children’s pool, where one set of parents, grandparent and two young children –(probably 3 and six months) were sunbathing and swimming.

Despite the fact that we realized we were at the “wrong” pool, we actually enjoy watching young children having fun in the pool so we stayed. BTW, initially a couple of staff members walked by saying that the group at the other side of the pool was Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and their families. They were at the Hotel filming a movie. But I’m sure they were mistaken.

Anyway, both the Mother and Grandmother looked great. The Mother was wearing a very skimpy bikini. She had obviously gotten her body back into shape very quickly. I was certainly impressed. When she turned around, WJJ and I noticed that she was wearing a very skimpy Brazilian thong bikini. Now I have been to Aruba where there are nude beaches. I have been to Monte Carlo, where everyone is topless and I have been to San Paolo where everyone wears those thong bikinis regardless of age or size. And frankly this gal had an amazing derriere!

BUTT, (pardon the pun), I commented to Walter that I did not think wearing that bathing suit at a “kids pool “ was appropriate. If she wanted to wear it at home, or at the adult pool, or even walking the beach I guess that’s OK. But wearing at a pool that is designated for children, I felt it was inappropriate.

For the first time EVER, WJJ accused me of “old fashioned thinking”. So I am reaching out to all of you. Has my age influenced my opinion? Have I now become a dowdy opinioned old lady? Am I wrong? Or is it plain old jealousy?

Please let me know what you think. BTW, if you are male, you would have enjoyed the “back view”.

5 thoughts on “No “If’s, And’s or BUTTS about it!”

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I have to agree with WJJ on this one. A bathing suit is a bathing suit regardless or where it’s worn. It’s either appropriate or it’s not; location (as long as it’s a bathing suit location) has nothing to do with the style.

    It’s hard to go from having a young, toned body to NOT having that and then seeing young things look like we used to. Aren’t we fortunate that we’re married to men who still think that we’re hot when things are not in the same places that they used to be?

    Love you.



  2. I am constantly talking to my 15 year old daughter about being appropriate. It might be old fashioned but I think people show way too much skin these days. There should be some “mystery” to a person. If you flaunt it all out there, where is that mystery? And there are lots of stunning suits out there that don’t show it all.


  3. Hi Tiffany!

    I have to say I agree with you on this one. As a mom of 4, that is the pool we would be at if our children were with us and I like to keep them innocent for as long as possible. I have also been to adult pools and beaches with topless venues and I don’t have a problem with that, but my children aren’t present. And since I still feel like a “young” mom :), I don’t feel as though age has anything to do with your opinion!

    Love and Blessings,

  4. I agree with you, Tiffany! Inappropriate at the children’s pool! Men are not going to complain—hello—- because they clearly enjoy the scenery!!😀❤️

  5. A bathing suit is a bathing suit regardless or where it’s worn. It’s either appropriate or it’s not. As long as it’s a bathing suit then location does not have anything to do with how skimpy it is. I do agree that parents should set a good example for their kids.

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