Why Is It?

Why is it?

• When we’re younger we want to be older?
• When we’re older, we want to be younger?
• When we are waiting for someone we love to return home, it takes forever?
• When we’re running late, time flies by?
• When we purchase things they are precious and valuable, but when we try to sell them, they are “old and useless”?
• When we’re dating we find so many things humorous and yet when we’re married those very same things are really annoying?
• That some people live too long and others die too soon?
• Bad things happen to good people?
• That only maturity brings wisdom?
• That grandchildren bring us such joy?
• That as you mature, you suddenly hear yourself saying those same words your mother said?
• That when we’re young, you love to “sleep in” and when we’re older you can’t seem to sleep at all?
• That nuns live longer than most other women? (Oh, we know the answer to that…no husband, no children, and no grandchildren to worry about!) My uncle would often joke, “I wish I was a sterile orphan!”
• We spend the first 40 years of our life collecting things and the next 40 years trying to figure out a way to get rid of it?
• That a round pizza comes in a square box?
• That the number of hot dogs in a package never matches the number of rolls in a package?
• That people post things on Facebook that are really personal, really dumb and/or really controversial? Either they think nobody is reading Facebook –then why post it? Or they think everyone is interested in their mundane activity. Seriously, do I really care about what type of donut someone is eating?
• That actors get paid zillions of $$$ while teacher can’t make a proper living?
• That babies make us giggle?
• That the elderly are often forgotten?
• That life was easier when we were younger?
• That eggs were good for us, and then bad for us, now they are good again?
• That so many people are now committing suicide?
• Our nightly “beauty” routine now takes us 45 minutes?
• Our time and our friendships become much more valuable?
• That the US is 19.3 trillion in debt?
• People tend to talk too much and not listen enough?
• That everything is now controversial –“Am I feeling like a man or a woman or a transvestite or lesbian or transgender or binary today? Just tell me which bathroom I should use!
• And finally…why is it I have so many unanswered questions

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  1. Another winner! Love to read anything that you write! It is always what I am feeling, but cannot seem to put it in writing!

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