Now One for The Ladies

For my followers: As you know, I posted my Valentine’s Hint for men this week.  Now it’s YOUR turn.

For those of you in relationships, you should be thinking about what you can do to make your special someone happy on Valentine’s Day. While we all know that Valentine’s day is really considered more of a female holiday, we can in fact give our special man a real Valentine treat.

This week, start practicing your “romance skills.”

First, you should start the day off with a mad, passionate kiss!   

Decide what you plan to wear for your Valentine’s night dinner.  Choose something SEXY. Of course, red is the color of choice, however, lots of gals will choose red, and you don’t really want to blend in. Now of course, if you are really confident and will outshine all the other women, go for red.

Or how about wearing hot pink or even purple?  Those colors still fall into the red family, but you’ll be much more outstanding.  Remember to wear those thigh highs & stiletto heels. 

If you want to give him a special treat –wear those sexy thigh highs!  Don’t wait until you get home to “show off.” Midway through dinner, discreetly show off the top of your thigh highs. He will instantly get “in the mood.”

If you’ve been to a Romance Party and ordered remote control vibrating panties (yes, they do exist) this is the perfect night to hand him his favorite toy: the remote control.  Only tonight, he won’t be turning on the TV, he’ll be turning you on with your remote-control vibrating panties. 

If you want to give him a special gift, make it meaningful   Tickets to a sporting event are always a great choice.  If he’s a beer drinker, try getting him 6 beers from different parts of the world.   This is not the time to buy the two of you tickets to see Les Misérables.   He will be Misérables.

Let’s talk about his Valentine Card.  Women spend hours looking for the perfect card for the men in our lives. It’s usually long, wordy and truly shows him how much we adore him.  Reality check: those are the cards you like to receive.

Men are just as happy to get a cute card or a “sexy” card.  You can actually write one of your own.  How about, “I Love you in the morning, love in the afternoon, I love you every night -so let’s make love tonight.”

At dinner let him know that his dessert will come later …… and it will be delicious!

Before heading to the bedroom, how about lots of hugging and kissing? Then it’s time for you to do a provocative Valentine strip tease.  Keep those thigh highs and stiletto on as you head to the bedroom.

Now your work is over. Let him know that tonight you want him to treat you to a night of love, lust and passion.  You can just sit back and enjoy!

End your Valentine’s Day with a long, passionate kiss and remember to tell him “ I love EVERYTHING about you.”    

Fibbing is OK on Valentine’s Day!!!

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