URGENT: Wake Up Men, It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.  This “couple’s holiday” is the most celebrated event each year – yes, even more than birthdays or anniversaries. For ONE night (out of 365), couples are invited show their love.

But, as we wall know, it’s the male who is expected to be romantic, loving, and shower his beautiful “honey” with thoughtful, caring and perhaps sexy gifts.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is an “all about HER” holiday.

So, after a zillion years in the “romance business,” I’d like to offer some advice for men.

The first step is to plan in advance.  You’ll want to make dinner reservations, order the flowers for the table and make sure the maître d’ chills the champagne.  You absolutely don’t want to try running around picking up that heart shaped box of chocolates from CVS or just buying a bouquet of flowers from a street vendor.  In order to meet all her expectations, you’ve got to plan ahead on Valentine’s Day.  And, by the way, if you haven’t already made reservations, you’d better go to the restaurant ASAP and have a hefty tip ready for the maître d’.

The day should start with a tender morning kiss and a meaningful “I Love You.”

Make sure you’ve purchased several cards.  She’ll love the deeply sentimental ones. Of course, if you really want to score Valentine points, write one out yourself.  Hide the cards in various places –by the coffee pot, next to her computer, where she puts her keys–everyplace that she will be sure to see them. That shows that you have put time and effort into remembering her.

For the big romantic night out, make sure you look your best. Yes, wearing a tie and jacket is a must for your dinner attire.  Even if you’ve planned a romantic dinner at home, look handsome.  In fact, if you’re dining at home, a real surprise would be for you to be wearing a tuxedo.   Dress to impress!

Oh and by the way, dinner time is a great opportunity to give her another “mushy card.” If you’re wondering what type of card, think about the long poetic ones that she gives you that you really HATE reading.  She’ll love it!

Throughout the evening tell her how beautiful she is.  It’s OK to mention “sexy” but try your best to remember it’s Valentine’s Day –it’s all about romance. She will thoroughly enjoy you talking about how you met and how you instantly fell in love with her.  She will love hearing you talk about one of her quirky habits that you find so endearing.  Note:  I send endearing, NOT annoying. She will love hearing you talk about ANYTHING that is heartfelt  

When it’s time to deliver the gift, remember the following:

  • Jewelry always works—if it’s heart shaped, you’ll get an A+.
  • Pretty, lacy lingerie is perfect. NO BLACK LEATHER WHIPS & CHAINS Remember it’s Romance not SEX!   You’ll also want to give her something cozy and comfy as well.   That will reinforce you love everything about her.
  • Something monogrammed is always appreciated.  It shows you put thought into the gift. NOTE: If you haven’t ordered it already, find a local person who can monogram. 
  • DON’T get her a gym membership or a personal trainer.  Remember, it didn’t work out well for Peleton.
  • DON’T get her anything that belongs in the kitchen or laundry room.   Did I really have to tell you that???

When the evening is coming to an end and it is “Bedroom Time,” remember for her, Valentine’s Day is all about romance.  This is NOT a 50 Shades of Grey type of night.   Take your time.  Be romantic, be sensitive, be caring and let HER enjoy slow seductive, lovemaking.  And finally, end the night with a wonderful, smoldering but tender kiss and a heartfelt meaningful “I LOVE YOU!”

Men, follow these simple guidelines and I promise you –you’ll thank me later.   You will definitely get “bedroom treats” and be her Cupid’s Choice.

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  1. Tiffany how fabulous to educate and remind our Men that Valentine’s Day is all about true love and romance vs. SEX.
    Great read.

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