Perfection is Overrated

I periodically have to remind myself that perfection is definitely overrated.

When I first started UndercoverWear I thought I had to be perfect in every aspect of my life – the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect friend, the perfect businesswoman and stated simply “the perfect woman.” (There’s that young-mindedness again!)

Back then, I did a lot of cooking and even some baking. I was known for my scrumptious brownies. My son’s school was having a bake sale and, of course, I volunteered to make them – three dozen of them – easy.

The baking was on my to-do list for Friday, but unfortunately the bake sale was Thursday. On Thursday afternoon around two ’o’clock, one of the other mothers called me at UndercoverWear and offered to pick up the brownies around 4 PM. I politely thanked her and said, “No, I’ll drop them off.”

Brownies?! Today?! Oh damn. I screwed up.

My options were limited. I suppose I could leave the office early and do my best to whip up a batch. Unfortunately that wasn’t a viable possibility. I had meetings all day and I didn’t have all the ingredients at home. I could call the mother back and tell the truth… forget that!

Think, Tiffany, Think! … Ah ha, an answer – my “I’m Not Perfect” solution was born.

I called a local bakery and asked the owner for a huge favor – three dozen of the biggest, yummiest brownies he had ever made. I said, “Please add extra nuts, chocolate, and anything else that would make these the best brownies in the entire world! And feel free to charge me whatever you want, but these brownies have to be FABULOUS.”

He obliged and I added, “Oh, by the way, please don’t cut these brownies perfectly even. They have to look homemade.” With a chuckle he agreed to have them ready by 5pm.

Mission Accomplished? … Just about.

After wrapping things up at the office I left for home to get my cake plates and scour the recipe box for a great recipe to include. With a quick edit to the recipe and a tag that read, “Tiffany’s Terrific Treats,” I was on my way to the bakery for the transfer to my plates.

I made it to the school in time for the bake sale and guess what?! My brownies were a big hit!

ImageNo, I never confessed that I didn’t make the brownies and there was absolutely no guilt. Why? Because I’m not perfect! And even though I made an error, at the end of the day, the school got what they needed.

So ladies, when you’ve got a lot going on in your life, make the decision upfront: Perfection is overrated. I’m perfectly comfortable not being perfect!

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