Breast Cancer Awareness

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. UndercoverWear has always been a strong supporter of helping women understand the importance of screening for early detection. As a company and as a family, we have hosted many fundraising events and contributed to a plethora of breast cancer foundations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Each year UndercoverWear’s “Do It for the Girls” campaign is designed to encourage every women to keep breast cancer awareness on the forefront of her mind. In addition, through a variety of specials available to our guests, hostesses, and agents, UndercoverWear will raise a substantial amount of money to contribute to these worthy organizations.

We all understand the sense of fear you get when there is any abnormality found. Whether it’s a repeat mammogram or a biopsy, we immediately become filled with trepidation. And then, if we actually hear the words “breast cancer” our biggest fears become reality.

When breast cancer strikes it doesn’t affect just one the person — it affects a family, friends, and an entire community.

And when Breast Cancer is cured we all rejoice in the joys of life!

While women have certainly played an active part in the Breast Cancer Awareness program, more recently, men have as well. If you watch major sporting events in October, you will surely notice many players, coaches, and fans sporting pink! Hooray for the men!

Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But each and every day we should continue to support and encourage women to do self-examinations, have annual mammograms, and read up on preventative health tips.

I know how much we all HATE having a mammogram. While the test is certainly more than uncomfortable, the alternative is simply unacceptable. Fortunately many centers have now done their best to make the environment warm and friendly.

We all know breast cancer is not pretty. Breast cancer is scary. But the most important fact to remember is that when breast cancer is diagnosed in its early stages it is treatable and curable.

So everywhere you go, ask everyone you know to “get the damn mamm!”


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