Learn from Bill Belichick  Everyone knows that I LOVE Tom Brady. Yes, WJJ is fully aware of that. For years he lusted after Joan Collins and I accepted the fact that I would always play second fiddle to Joan. So perhaps this is turnaround fair play.Anyway, let’s get back to Tom and the Patriots. Personally … More

Deflated Balls

The controversy between the Patriots and Deflated Balls continues. Of course, I have my suspicions. It is NOT Tom Brady –That gorgeous hunk who is married to supermodel Giselle does not equal Deflated Balls. It is NOT Bill Belichick–Have you viewed any of his short and abrupt Press Conferences? –NO Deflated Balls It is NOT … More Deflated Balls

Bad Day

We all have good days and bad days. Let’s face it, sometimes the smallest annoyance can really throw us for a loop. For example, four days ago for some unknown reason, one side of WJJ’s closet collapsed. The rod broke and everything fell to the floor. Then, last night the other side of his closet … More Bad Day