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 Everyone knows that I LOVE Tom Brady. Yes, WJJ is fully aware of that. For years he lusted after Joan Collins and I accepted the fact that I would always play second fiddle to Joan. So perhaps this is turnaround fair play.Anyway, let’s get back to Tom and the Patriots. Personally I think Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the history of football. But today, I’d like to specifically talk about Bill Belichick – the Head Coach of The New England Patriots.

 If you watched the Patriots vs. the Colts Sunday night game and you are a Patriots fan, I am sure you are still “giggling” about the “fake” punt play by the Colts. As any football fan could see, it was a botched play from the very beginning. Clearly, everyone said, “What the heck are the Colts doing?” (Only they didn’t say “heck”). Many believe that play was the turning point of the game.

However, I disagree. I don’t think that the only reason the Patriots keep winning is because of botched plays and/or Tom Brady. (Can you believe I said that?) Are you ready? I firmly believe that Bill Belichick is one of the major factors for the success of the Patriots. As their coach, Bellichick is extremely discipline oriented. For example, last year Jonas Gray ran over 200 yards and had four touchdowns in one game! The next day, Jonas arrived late for practice and despite Jonas’ previous performance, Belichick benched him. No questions asked, no excuses considered. That teaches discipline.

Belichick has created a winning TEAM philosophy. They are a team period. And he BELIEVES in his team. The Patriots “stick together” and function as one unit. There are no egos. If there is dissention, we rarely hear about it. And if we do, you can rest assured that player will be gone soon. We all know the acronym for team –“Together Everyone Achieves More. “Mr. Belichick believes in actions rather than words. He certainly doesn’t bloviate. To the outside “world”, he and his team send out one consistent message and within the team there is great communication.

 And finally, Belichick continually assesses and reassess his game plan and his players. He adjusts, he makes changes, and often times his decisions are controversial. But he does what he strongly believes is in the best interest of the team.  He is the Coach and keeps one goal in mind. He wants his TEAM to WIN!  So in business or in life, let’s all learn from Bill Belichick.

Believe in Yourself — Believe in your Mission — Be Disciplined — Create your plan. Then assess, adjust, and make the necessary changes in order to reach your goals. That’s how to ensure that you will enjoy the life that you want and that you truly deserve.

 Here is one of my favorite Lifetini Lessons…..

 “Life is not a spectator sport….Play to Win!”–Tiffany James

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