The Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Seduction

female empowerment
Female Empowerment

We’ve all been taught that the male determines the sex of a child.  We all know the woman has two x chromosomes and the male sperm can carry two” x’s” or an “x “and a “y.”.

If the male sperm that penetrates the egg is carrying two “x’s” ….it’s girl. If the male sperm that penetrates the egg is  an “x” and a “y”,  it’s a boy. So, all the power of sex determination is in the sperm of the male.  Male dominance at its best.

However, after having a very serious conversation with my sister Charlene, we have a very different theory.   

But first, let me give you a lesson in reproduction biology.

Did you know that a sperm’s journey from vagina to egg is only about six inches, but its race is loaded with attrition? There are approximately 200 million sperm in each male ejaculation, but only about 2 million sperm make it into the cervix. The rest are killed by the women’s acidic fluids inside the vagina or lost in “flowback”—which is exactly what it sounds like.

Out of the approximately 2 million sperm entering the cervix, only about 1 million make it into the uterus. The rest are stopped by the women’s gooey mucus, or swim into dead-end channels inside the walls of the cervix.

Of the approximately 1 million sperm that enter the uterus, only about 10,000 make it to the top of the organ. The rest are attacked and absorbed by the women’s white blood cells, which start to appear in force as soon as sperm enter their defensive perimeter. 

Out of the approximately 10,000 sperm cells that make it to the far end of the uterus, only about 5,000 turn in the right direction.  

Out of the approximately 5,000 sperm that enter the intratubal junction—a twisty space connecting the uterus and the oviduct—only about 1000 enter the Fallopian tube. The rest get caught in the women’s mucus lining. .

Out of the approximately 1,000 sperm that enter the Fallopian tube, only about 200 reach the egg. The rest get attached to the lining of the oviduct, or just give out and die.

Out of the approximately 200 sperm that reach the egg, only 1 enters the egg to fertilize it. The rest are pushed away by the women’s zona reaction, which makes the fertilized egg impermeable to additional sperm. One sperm has succeeded!

Mission accomplished Wow he is a  mighty, strong, competitive, determined sperm!  Or is he?

Now let’s look at something called the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Just like gravity, it is always in effect, always in motion. It is working in your life at this very moment. You are always in a state of creation. You are creating your reality in every moment of every day. You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously. You can’t take a break from it and decide not to create because creation never stops.

You are creating your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously

I’m sure at this point you may be very confused as to why these two lessons have anything whatsoever to do with each other. Well, I’ll explain. But get ready and pay attention.

Okay, are you ready now? 
I have decided that men do NOT determine the sex of a child. Au contraire. I believe that the women’s law of attraction decides which sperm she wants to fertilize her egg.  

Once she has made that decision, the woman’s egg seduces the sperm of her choice (female or male). She then does whatever it takes to protect her sperm choice and fens off, kill and trick all other sperms. She uses her acidic fluids, gooey mucus, white blood cells mucus lining and her magic zona reaction.  She even guides some sperm so that they “get lost” which is a trait that continues for most men. Finally, the sperm of her choice impregnates her precious egg. 

While I have absolutely no scientific evidence to support this theory, it makes perfect sense to me. Re-read the plight of a sperm. Why is it that the sperm is the mighty male despite a 2 million to one odds .0000005% does not sound very mighty to me. And based on that one ‘Super-sperm’, a woman carries a baby for nine months, gets morning sickness, gets fat and has to go through pain and agony in delivering her package of joy. 

I’d like to believe she does all that for the sperm SHE wanted. She knew exactly which one she was choosing. But we are to believe that the men determine the sex of a child? Not buying it.  I will not give all the control and power of my egg to the male sperm.  

Think about it like this, if the Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe then it only makes sense, it is the woman who sets out the process that attracts the 1 in 2 million sperm that enter.  It is the woman who is in complete control. 

 It is the woman who is in complete control. 


Yes, I am advocating for women.  While it may not seem to have any basis, I believe my theory will go forward and change every pregnant women’s feeling of empowerment. And most importantly,  I embrace that our egg is the ultimate seducer.  

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  1. Delightful, Tiffany. I started laughing as soon as the two hundred million dropped to two million.

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