Waiting for Tom

I’m in love with Tom and counting down the days until I can see him again.

Tom Brady, that is.

OK maybe I’m not “in love” with him, but I’m certainly in lust. In fact, if Tom were dumb, nonathletic and poor, I might stand a shot. Hey, he might be enamored with a rich old lady. But Tom is talented and, let’s face it, he has Giselle.

Recently I started wondering what Tom and Giselle could possibly argue about. Most couples “debate” finances, careers, and children. I’m pretty confident finances are not an issue. Their careers are in place and with the discipline that both Tom and Giselle have illustrated, something tells me they are great parents.

Maybe they argue about who is more beautiful on a specific day? I think Tom wins. And from what I have witnessed from Mr. Brady, he thinks Giselle is fabulous. In fact, he always thanks Giselle before his parents. (That might be his only flaw.)

They can’t argue about sex. Seriously, they must desire each other nonstop.

I have it! Perhaps they argue over which is more nutritious, kale or spinach. Or maybe they have heated debates over whether quinoa or brown rice tastes better. And can you imagine Tom’s anger if Giselle brings a bag of potato chips into the house? Hell hath no fury like a man who is a legend at 40!

I may never really know what happens behind closed doors. But I want Tom to know that if the arguments become too much to bear, I’m here! Even if you want a 24 hour reprise, please come to Hawaii and visit. I promise the only two words I will utter are “Yes, Tom!” And don’t you worry about my husband, Walter. He fully understands. Something tells me that Walter thinks he’s pretty safe.

The good news is that in just 9 days, I can feast my eyes on Tom. I respect his talent, I adore his passion and dedication to his game, and last but not least I think he is just drop-dead gorgeous!

If I can’t have Tom, do you think I stand a shot with Scott Eastwood?

Probably not. Sad to say Scott is young enough to be my son. His father, Clint Eastwood, is old enough to be my father, so that’s another no for me.

I wonder if Jon Snow and I would work out instead!

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  1. ahhh Tiffany…you make me smile and I think my heart giggled (or maybe that was a flutter thinking about Tom LOL)

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