How I Found the Fountain of Youth Through Hawaii Five-0

This morning we got a call from Hawaii Five-0. Yes, the TV show. They had previously filmed at our home and wanted to know if we would be interested in having them here again for an upcoming show.

Let’s be clear: When they film, a HUGE crew arrives at 7 a.m., and a single scene takes an entire day to shoot. It is quite disruptive. On the other hand, it is FUN!

So I said, “Sure, come by and take a look.” The protocol is for the director, producer, location manager, and four or five other staffers to visit to see if the location fits their needs and the plot.

As luck would have it, our pool was down to a cold 84 degrees (yes, I’m spoiled), so I had decided not to go in this morning. Instead I had showered, shampooed, and laboriously applied my makeup so I would look presentable. Since my sprained ankle is on the way to recovery, I even put on a pair of heels—with my flat shoes close by. And that was before I knew the crew from Five-0 was coming by. So I was “fluffed and buffed” when they arrived.

When the door rang, I put on my heels and greeted them. Both WJJ and I showed them around. Several of the gentlemen seemed to spend a good deal of time in Walter’s grand and rather intimidating office. The others took photos of the living room, the dining room, and the ocean view. The whole inspection took about 30 minutes and then Walter escorted them out.

When Walter returned, he noticed my flat shoes were on. He jokingly commented, “For Hawaii Five-0 you put on heels; for me, flats!” We both laughed. Walter then asked if I had heard what the gentlemen had said while in his office.

It seems they had commented, “Oh yes, we remembered this house with the painting of that beautiful woman who is still beautiful.” That woman would be me!

Now before you all start thinking just how conceited I am, let me remind you what hangs in Walter’s office. It’s the painting Olivia did of me for Walter’s 40th birthday. I was 35 years old, was working out twice a day, and was bone thin with big boobs. When Walter had a choice of a painting of me elegantly gowned in lingerie or me in a tight, black corset with stiletto heels posing very seductively on the floor, which do you think he chose?

Yes, the one with me in corset. The painting is incredibly provocative, but it is me.

While I walk by that painting every day, I never really look at it; it could quickly become very depressing. My sister Chris tries to convince me that I am getting better, not older. Seriously, no. I looked better back then, and I am 100% sure that these wonderful young men (young being the operative word) probably said, “Boy, she was one sexy knockout … back then.” And maybe they added that she is still a “beautiful older woman.” Or perhaps Walter added the “still beautiful” part. Who knows?

From today on, though, when I look at my painting, I will admire Olivia’s talent and my sense of self and confidence. Yes, I was one hot chick.

But I won’t let the changes to my body affect my mood. Instead, I will embrace Sophia Loren’s advice:

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

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  1. You make it difficult to comment! I cannot log in. Ms.Tiffany!💖😃🌺 I hope you are well, as I saw where you said you had been ill. 💖💕💕😊P.

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  2. As usual, I laughed through your blog. I read it aloud to my daughter, Cece. When I read the quote at the end, I said, “Good for Sophia Loren.” Cece replied, “Good for Tiffany.” Yeah, we all love you in this family.

  3. Tiffany James you are absolutely gorgeous to this day and stunning! You are beautiful inside and out xoxo

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