Perfection is Overrated


Perfection is overrated!  That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking by it. Let me share my personal “I’m not perfect” story. Getting into our Hawaii home is rather difficult if not impossible, unless you have the magic key.  Of course many of you know the magic spot to enter, as do the electrician, the air conditioning fellow, the ice maker fellow, the coconut fellow etc. So when WJJ golfs and I am home alone, he puts the key inside the house so that I don’t have any surprise visitors.

Yesterday morning while wearing my not so sexy UndercoverWear Powder Puff, I went to the garage to get some Christmas stuff. Guess what I forgot? Yes, you guessed it, the magic key and my cell phone. There I stood like the Crazy Woman of Kahala trying to figure out exactly what I was going to do. I thought about going across the street to the house that Daniel Dae Kim is building to ask for help, but frankly I had no makeup on so that wasn’t going to happen! What if I actually bumped into him? Tiffany James in a sexy nightgown wouldn’t be all bad, but Tiffany James wearing a terry wrap with no makeup and ugly hair was out of the question.

As I pondered my plight, I thought about my options:

  1. Jump in the pool and hang around outside for the next six hours…not an option.
  2. Put my vanity aside and go across the street; but if I left the house then the gates would close and I would be stranded on Kahala Avenue wearing just about nothing.
  3. Figure out a way to get in.

Thank you WJJ and Jamie because I did suddenly remember there was a separate method to getting the glass doors open.  All I had to say is, “open sesame” and they open. Okay that’s a fib, but there is a way to open them. Of course, I’m not going to give the instructions here. That would be a bit stupid.

So again, perhaps I wasted an hour yesterday thinking I was stuck outside with lots of things to do. Or perhaps it was God’s way of reminding me that during this holiday season, “Perfection is Overrated”.

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