Sooo True!

My daily calendar had the following:  Please make yourself available to talk when I have nothing to do while driving.” I laughed hysterically.  Then I thought about it  I must admit, I am GUILTY as charged.  Now I can rationalize that I have a “speaker phone” in my car.  But truth be known, perhaps I am not the best driver in the world.  My friend Joanne once informed that I was not supposed to drive down the middle of the yellow line on the road.  And despite having homes here in Hawaii for over 30 years, I am constantly “Paradise Lost”.  Now add in the “talking on the phone” component and …… NOT GOOD.

So as of today, I am hereby going to give it my best shot NOT to drive and talk.  It’s going to be tough… but I can do.   Who will join in my “Just Drive and Stay Alive” campaign?

One thought on “Sooo True!

  1. II will join you and not talk and drive! Excellent advice….people do almost everything in a car, but concentrate on driving!

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