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Despite the fact that we all know that there are two things one should never discuss in public–politics and religion, yesterday I along with several of my friends discussed one of those topics. Based on the political climate, I’m sure you realize that we started talking about the Presidential Elections.

Now, this is not about that discussion–dumb I am not. But I will say that the degree of commitment to specific candidates and the degree of dislike for others was simply amazing. While we all attempted to “be polite” and give the other their “speaking time”, one could tell each of us was ready, willing and eager to share our viewpoint.
There certainly was no “middle ground”.

As I contemplated my two different discussions, it occurred to me that the reason I truly enjoyed our “debates” was because all the participants were knowledgeable and passionate about their beliefs.

So it got me thinking. I remember when Phil Donahue asked, “So Tiffany, what in your life are you passionate about”. I responded, “Everything!” He challenged me further saying, “You can’t be passionate about everything in your life.” I responded, “If I’m not passionate about it, it’s not in my life”.

As many of you know, passion has been one of my driving forces. Of course, I’m passionate about my husband, family, my life etc. But I’m passionate about so many other things.

I’m passionate about politics –I confess I am a political junkie.
I’m passionate about my friend Mirella’s meatballs.
I’m passionate about HATING CANCER.
I’m passionate about helping women succeed.
I’m passionate about great customer service –like my personal shopper Susan Fusuma gives to all her clients.
I’m passionate about achieving my goals.
I’m passionate about Crème de la Mer.
I’m passionate about my “quiet time.”
I’m passionate about answering on “Facebook” –although that might be more of an addiction.

Oh… my list could go on and on.

I see so many people who go through life just being…. just doing. And let me say, if that is their passion –I applaud them. But all to often for some reason one’s zest for life has diminished.

Sometimes passion has vanished because of financial circumstances or personal loss or tragedy. Sometimes life has just become mundane. And worst of all, sometimes it’s been so long since one has felt passion that one forgets what it’s really like to have your heart and soul erupting with joy and laugher. Ah… that’s passion.

Today as I was activating my credit cards, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fabulous if everyone I know activates their passion.” So, I challenge each and every one of you to think about your every day life and decide to become more passionate about something-anything! Years ago, I became passionate about opera –but first I had to listen to all types of music to determine which I liked best… or better yet…. which music inspired and aroused something deep inside me.

So again, I want you to find something new and exciting that activates your passion. Whether it’s altruistic or narcissistic. …That’s up to you. Whether it’s Mirella’s meatballs or gay marriage–whether it’s Donald or Hillary –or whether it’s a new man or a new career –activate your passion + feel the excitement that you can develop within YOU!

By the way… if you’re having any problems activating your passion, please call Tiffany’s Activation “Hotline” @ 617-513-3379! Come on my friends…. let’s activate our PASSION!

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  1. Loved it and how right you are that passion is the key! Happy that you enjoyed the meatballs and I am passionate to make them again for you! Love, mm

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